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Kamal ka kamaal hai

Actor Kamal Haasan launched his political party, the ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Haasan, who had last year announced his entry into politics, also unveiled the party symbol: a flag featuring six united hands – three each in white and red – with a white star in the middle. He promised quality education, corruption free stance as a front run views of his party. As the actor has earlier stressed, as he aims to make the state free from corruption! He will work on many issues and will set an example; fight corruption together. People have unfortunately sold their votes for merely Rs 6,000. Haasan said that he wants to make people rich by giving them jobs so that they would not have to depend on freebies. Earlier, Haasan in his interview had said that all the parties in Tamil Nadu are corrupt and he wants to make the state corruption free. Thus, the party may have a strong stance against corruption. Whether he will stand on his corruption stance is a thousand dollar question.

Nikhil Maniam

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