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Karnataka Crisis

Karnataka Crisis, Karnataka Political Crisis, karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy,No self respecting head of family cries when the wife and grown-up children run away and accept it as some serious flaw in self. It is only logical to find the flaw and put the rest of the family in happy and not make self a laughing stock. Here we cannot apply anti-defection law as the MLAs first resigned then joined BJP. Resignation letters were submitted prior to joining BJP. Therefore, the Speaker has to accept it. If the Speaker now receives letters from Congress or JD(S) parties for disqualifying MLAs for defection, the speaker cannot disqualify the MLAs as the MLAs have resigned already.

The JD(S) government in Karnataka has lost its credibility which they themselves know. Dissolve the house and go for a fresh mandate. Why are they hesitant? Since there is scant respect for Constitutional morality or even the semblance of compliance with existing statutes, rogue legislators should be subjected to people’s boycott – no matter where they contest under whichever political banner they should be defeated by the voters. These legislators were elected by the voters with specified political affiliations and explicit poll promises made by them for a specific period to serve their respective Constituencies. Any attempt at betraying that sacred electoral mandate should be met by the stern displeasure of the electorate. Citizens and voters boycott such politicians.

How shameless these politicians are. They are elected to serve the citizens of the country instead they are selling their soul for sake of money and power! Criminal level of conduct at people’s cost indeed! They all should be banned from assembly for five years. The coalition has been rocked by the resignations of 14 MLAs — 11 of Congress and three of JD(S). The Constitution of India weeps in anguish on hearing the war cry and Karnataka people, who failed to give a clear mandate, now the feel the heat.

The BJP has the best claim to the form the Karnataka government. The opportunistic JD(S) and Congress have no legitimate claim over this state. The governance has been an absolute sham in Karnataka. With breakdown of the most basic services, government departments are being run as personal fiefdoms. Contracts are being awarded not with public good in mind, but the opportunity for rent seeking. You may have a grouse against what the BJP stands for, but good riddance to this illegitimate government. It is time to send them home.

Kumaraswamy’s coalition government never functioned constructively; it remained engaged in holding on to the chair and saving from drowning. The present Congress-JD(S) combine is neither a love marriage nor an arranged one. It is a live together arrangement of day to day convenience as long as mutual pampering serves the purpose of greed. Such a greed-based relationship that does not deliver what ought to be delivered to the people, i.e. stable governance is bound to collapse. The earlier it does, the better for the people.

In India, no political party can be expected to remain as Sanyasi. BJP is not to be misconstrued as a party of Sanyasis. With just a few numbers falling short of what is required to form a comparatively stable government with no need to bring in President’s rule and give what the people need without wasting public money on another election will try to form a ministry by taking the support of dissidents by throwing crumbs.

The events in Karnataka are only symptomatic of the malady in India. The public is emotional when it goes to the hustings, corruption is accepted as a way of life, administrators have become obedient servants of those in power, the judiciary keeps talking about ‘guilty beyond doubt’ and fails to administer juster by inordinate delay. The Congress-JD(S) coalition is against the mandate of both assembly and Lok Sabha polls. The BJP is morally correct to topple this scam government.

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