Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Keep it simple

The other day, I had an opportunity to listen to Swamiji of Prasanna Trust Bengaluru at the NCPA. He possesses experience of extempore public speaking but he dwelt upon two very important aspects (dear to my heart too), keep life simple, remain happy and mostly listen to your heart. We needlessly complicate our lives, governmental procedures etc; when we have a clear choice of keeping things simple. Actually there is always a pressure on us to appear modern, savvy, intelligent and knowledgeable and to keep increasing targets which makes us tense and unhappy.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making matters complicated with regard to eradicating drug menace. Modi said he will ask officers to start helplines. However, the PM did not say that he will ask officers to remain strict, nab drug peddlers, put them behind bars and destroy the seized drugs. Modi did not say that he will bring a bill for awarding death sentence to those criminals involved in illegal drug trafficking in the next session of Parliament. This is because it involves some real work as against mere pontification and verbal jugglery.

With regard to our food habits too, we complicate matters by adding too much oil and spices (lal mirchi) in food. The most nutritious food is “dal” , hot freshly made “ chapattis” and some simply cooked vegetable like “ lauki”, “ torai” and seasonal vegetables. Of course, we can surely eat exotic food or chicken, mutton, fish too from time to time for taste and variety but mostly we eat simple home cooked food like fish, rice or idli and sambar etc. I was reading that a person was pleased to ride a cycle after several years on linking road. Yes cycling is beneficial for health.

Instead of constructing hotels on MbPT surplus land, it is better to build walking, jogging, cycling tracks for public health on the lines of Marina Bay (behind Caribbean Keppel ) at Singapore. Pedestrians who carry their dogs along, also carry a plastic bag and a scoop to remove the droppings voluntarily. We eat and waste too much food and consider it as a fashion statement to visit five star hotels. I appreciate the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s proposal to impose a ban on cow slaughter. This initiative should be undertaken by the VHP and the state government must do it with the assistance of Gram Panchayats.

Collectors and Deputy Collectors must regularly tour the villages oversee the correct functioning of village level entities. I have read reports about some corporate houses hiring candidates from IIT and IIM by paying them hefty salary package. We feel pleased when our children receive good salary packages however some moderation must be exercised. Companies spend surplus fund in R&D and CSR activities so that wealth doesn’t remain in the hands of super rich persons.

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