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Keep your kidneys healthy

World Kidney Day was celebrated on 9th March across the world focusing the health and importance of the major body organ, kidneys to reduce the occurrence of kidney diseases as well as related health problems.

It’s main objective is to encourage the people about kidney’s donation and transplantation as a best option of life saving for getting free from the kidney failure or other Chronic Kidney Diseases. The other motive is to encourage people for the early detection and prevention methods of kidney problems to reduce the future complications, deaths and disability from the chronic renal and cardiovascular failure. Kidney disease is indeed common, harmful, and treatable and that protecting your kidneys is an important health strategy that may save your heart.

Our kidneys, while small and hard to notice, are vital organs. We need our kidneys to remove waste and excess fluid from our blood. Kidney diseases often show no symptoms, until the condition is serious. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are the leading causes of kidney disease. The early detection of kidney problem is very necessary to get the suitable treatment to prevent your kidney damage, deterioration and complications.

Worried over alarming raise in deaths due to kidney problems and lack of awareness on related issues, nephrologists have decided to take up a nationwide campaign. Over the next 20 years it was expected there would be about 25 million people suffering from kidney failures in the country. High prevalence of diabetes was expected to worsen the situation as experts found that diabetes was one of the major reasons for kidney failures. Diabetes can approximately affect the kidney in five to 10 years. If diabetes goes undetected and uncontrolled the likelihood of getting kidney disease is high. About 40 per cent of diabetics may eventually develop kidney disease.

Screening is essential for people considered to be at risk for kidney disease. Early detection of kidney impairment is essential, and will allow suitable treatment before kidney damage or deterioration manifests itself through other complications.

Follow these steps to keep your kidney healthy:

Help your kidneys by keeping yourself fit and active as exercises helps in reducing blood pressure and thus reduces the risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease. You must go for daily walking, running and perform cycling exercises.

Maintain the normal blood sugar level as high blood sugar leads to diabetes and may lead to kidney damage. Motivate people with diabetes to get regular medications, tests and check up of their kidney functions. Keep your kidneys healthy and fit by avoiding smoking or getting in contact with other smoking person as it slows down the blood flow to the kidneys which lessens their ability to function well and enhances the risk of kidney cancer by 50%.

World Kidney Day’s mission aims to raise awareness of the important role kidneys play in our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. Chronic kidney disease is a global public health problem. Kidney diseases are silent killers, which will largely affect your quality of life.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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