Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Keep a strict eye on Rohingya supporters

The Government has submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that some of the Rohingyas, who are staying illegally in India, have links with terrorist organisations in Pakistan and Bangladesh; and so dangers for the security of the Nation. In spite of knowing this, India is handling the Rohingya refugee question very delicately and in a humanitarian manner. The Rohingya Muslims are lucky they’re in India. The safety of its citizens is the most important responsibility of the government. If an accident occurs because of the negligence, it immediately gives rise to politicisation of the issue. And though this is the situation why are we trying to take a risk. The Government should turn a deaf ear to the noise and agitations which are being raised in favour of giving asylum to the Rohingya Muslim and deport the Rohingya Muslims from the country. Where the people are agitating just now for their Asylum when the very same Rohingyas are found involved in a terrorist incident? At that time why do they not take out morchas and cry demanding deportation of the very same Rohingya Muslims. The Government is being pressurised for the wrong issue. The Government should not fall prey to this. Whether they are Rohingya or anyone else if they is a danger to the safety of the Nation and its citizens then they are anti national! In fact the government should keep a vigilant eye on all those who are demanding for their refugee status. This is necessary.

Amit Padiyar

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