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Keira Knightley is done with nude scenes

Keira Knightley said that she is no longer willing to do nude scenes in films now that she is a mother.

The actor, who shares three-year-old daughter Edie with musician husband James Righton, said going forward she would opt for a body double for any nude scenes in her movies.

“That was a choice,” she said of her decision to no longer do nudity.

“I get to choose the body double. It is an interesting selection process! It kind of goes like, ‘That’s a little bit like you, but better. She has a lovely body, so she can do this’… Then I get final approval of what the edit is,” Knightley told The Times.

She added, “I have been comfortable earlier with more nudity than I am now. I have had a kid, I am in my thirties, I am very happy with my body. But I don’t feel I need to get it out that much anymore.”

The actor also pointed out she had “never done a scene where I felt, ‘Whoa, that went too far’.”

Knightley previously spoke about why she was comfortable with on-screen nudity to a point.

“Sex scenes in films I’m quite rigorous about what gets exposed. No bottom half! I don’t mind exposing my t*ts because they’re so small people really aren’t that interested,” she said.


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