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Kejriwal Should Apologise to the Nation

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi is not taken seriously by the people and the nation anymore. After hurling abuses and allegations without any rhyme or reason, Kejriwal has now started tendering apologies to those against whom he levelled charges. He is facing several cases of defamation in courts. Kejriwal has realised by now that he has very weak defence against the defamation cases. He may be convicted and might even be sentenced to jail. Tendering apology is a clever ploy of Kejriwal.

During his campaign against the Akalis in Assembly election in Punjab last year, Kejriwal levelled serious charges of drug peddling against the then minister Bikram Singh Majithia. Kejriwal and his party leader Sanjay Singh were telling people in public meetings and in press conferences that in case the Aam Admi Party came to power in Punjab, they would drag Majithia out and put him in jail. Just see what pedestrian language they used against a political leader. Majithia had filed cases of defamation against Kejriwal and two of his colleagues Sanjay Singh and Ashish Khetan in court. Kejriwal was telling the people of Punjab that he would fight to the finish against drug in the state even at the cost of his life. He will get rid of drug menace in Punjab.

Slipping Tongue

Interestingly, Kejriwal without taking his Party leaders in Punjab into confidence tendered apology in writing to Majhitia. After Majhitia, Kejriwal also tendered apologies to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Congress leader Kapil and his son Amit Sibal. In a letter addressed to Gadkari, Kejriwal said, “We are in two different parties. I levelled charges against you without verifying the facts which might have hurt you. You filed defamation case against me. Personally, I have no problem with you, hence I apologise”.

He apologised to Kapil Sibal and his son Amit in similar way. It is like throwing mud at passerby and then telling him take money for washing your dress.

Gutter Politics

In fact, it has become a habit of Kejriwal to take a U turn from what he says. But why it is that Kejriwal’s tongue slips quite often. The entire nation is watching his gutter politics. The situation is that even his friends now try to avoid him. Before apologising to Majithia, Kejriwal had apologised to Avatar Singh Bhadana in August 2017 requesting him to drop the defamation case against him. He had said in 2014 that Bhadana was a corrupt man. It seems he has understood this child game; first hurl abuses and level charges and then go for apology.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has filed a separate case of defamation against Kejriwal. Delhi Chief Minister had alleged serious charges of corruption against Jaitley during his tenure of 13 years in Delhi Cricket Association. Jaitley headed the DCA then.

Kejriwal is facing dozen of cases in courts which include defamation, putting hoarding and posters during election campaign, violating section 144 of the CrPC and demonstrations. Similar cases have been filed in some other parts of the country including in Varanasi, Amethi, Punjab, Assam, Maharashtra and in Goa. Personal appearance is required in the cases. He has now learnt that those who are victims of his diatribe and attack can also take his sleep away from him. In letter to Majithia he has said, “I have come to know that all allegations against you are baseless. I withdraw all my statements and charges against you and apologise for the same”.

It is high time Kejriwal should apologise to the nation. In a democracy there could be differences of opinion and differences over issues. There is nothing wrong in it. But our democracy does not give any license to anyone to level unsubstantiated charges against a political opponent.

Kejriwal claims that he is honest. Well, the people of the country would decide if you are honest or not. Who has given you the license to tell others corrupt? He thinks that by becoming chief minister of Delhi he has become King of the nation. The focus of media is on him because Kejriwal is chief minister of Delhi. He has no special ability to get publicity. He is far below the rank and level of chief minister of other smaller States like Manohar Parrikar, Sangma and Biplab Deb.

Before Aam Admi Party Government, Delhi also had government of BJP and Congress. It never witnessed anarchy and disorder like this then. Soon after Kejriwal became Chief Minister, Lt Governor and Chief Secretary became the target of attack. He used to curse the then Lt Governor Naseeb Jung and now he is at logger head with Anil Baijal the present Lt Governor.

The other day, he called chief secretary Anshu Prakash to his residence and got him thrashed by some unruly MLAs of his Party who kicked Prakash. Little wonder Kejriwal considers himself a dictator. I wonder where Delhi is headed for. What message we are giving to the world?

A Political Joker

Kejriwal has learnt the art of drama in politics. He has lowered the standard of politics in India. It is known by now that he fluttered the tricolour in the Ramleela Maidan of Delhi to serve his political interest. He now talks of malfunctioning of EVM. He claims that he is fighting corruption but he opposed demonetisation which was a step against corruption. Earlier he had said that he will go for a small house as official accommodation for Chief Minister. He ate his words and settled for a sprawling bungalow in North Delhi. He has been telling people that he is against the VIP culture but today he is the best example of flaunting a culture which is not only a VIP but a royal one. 

(The writer is a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha)

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