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Khloe Kardashian Fears Filing For Divorce Will Send Lamar Odom Back To Vegas Brothel

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If you were hoping these two lovebirds were going to rekindle their marriage and get back together, don’t hold your breath! The source also said Khloe just doesn’t feel that way about him anymore. “They can stay married on paper but the fact is her heart’s not in it. She’s not about to run off and remarry, so there’s really no rush for her waste her time and money to start the process all over again.”

Lamar suffered a near fatal drug overdose at a Nevada brothel known as the Love Ranch on October 13, and he was then hospitalized for months. Throughout his time in hospital, Khloe kept him in the dark about how he nearly died so that the former NBA star could focus on his recovery “Truth be told, pulling the plug again would cripple Lamar and she knows it. She doesn’t want to be the spark that sets his life on fire. She just wants him to get his life together, for himself”, the source said. What a trooper! But it doesn’t seem like Lamar is really in a place to help himself and Khloe isn’t entirely happy with his behavior since the infamous overdose. “She’s terribly disappointed in Lamar because he’s drinking again and partying with the wrong people.

In spite of Khloe’s public and private efforts to support Lamar, it doesn’t mean rumors haven’t surfaced about her romantic life! Just recently, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was linked to Brandon Jennings, 26, even though she has since blasted those reports! She also recently spent the night with ex French Montana, 31!

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