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Kiran Bedi: A capable chief ministerial candidate

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Delhi is the place where our Parliament and ministries are located. India’s President too resides there. Most of the embassies are present in Chanakyapuri. Therefore, it is an important place and law and order must be maintained. Roads must be clean, traffic must flow in an organized manner and the police must intensify patrolling on a regular basis to deter the criminals. Delhi must remain drug free, i.e. narcotic drug peddling should be curbed by taking strict action. For achieving this task we must appoint a capable leader like Kiran Bedi who has thorough knowledge about Delhi.

She must be inducted into the BJP and Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung must dissolve the assembly and conduct fresh elections. In this matter, Mr Jung can seek guidance from the President of the country. AAP should be dissolved. They would not have been able to secure so many seats last time if the elections were held under leadership of some young Congress leader instead of Shiela Dixit. Vested interests present in the Congress party are able to influence Sonia Gandhi as she has failed to develop her own perception.

Congress must not repeat such mistakes in the future. The BJP must field good candidates so that they win election with comfortable majority which will pave way for the ouster of mischief makers. Delhi residents must demonstrate better wisdom this time like the manner in which they have done in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections. Order, decency and responsibility must be achieved.

I need to point out a very important aspect. New ministers will be sworn in but their PA’s will be old and drawn from the relevant service. It is important to check the character and antecedents of these PA’s before hiring them.

A cross check must be conducted on the activities of these PA’s. A thorough door to door check should be carried out in Delhi to oust persons staying illegally who may also be involved in anti-social activities. Ms Bedi will be able to supervise this amicably on account of her service experience. Several criminal and corrupt activities are planned in five star hotels based in Delhi at night and co-operation of the management must be sought in this matter.
Earlier Kiran Bedi was reluctant to take up the Chief Minister’s post but senior BJP leaders should persuade her by saying that it is not for her personal benefit but for serving India.

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