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Kiran Bedi’s views more balanced

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The difference between Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejrival is that the former asks you to earn first, spend or invest later but the latter only talks about spending and not talking about earning. It is very easy to become a populist. Kiran Bedi is talking about stability. People may think she is only talking about political stability but she is also talking about emotional stability, behavioural stability and preserve our traditional Indian cultural values.

Kumar Biswas held a rally in Amethi and challenged Rahul Gandhi in his own bastion. You are patronizing a wrong man, you choose me. People will say, Rahul and Priyanka are our children and they have been interacting with us for years, who are you to tell us what we should do? You are holding a rally to gain visibility. How being only a lone voice, will bring about betterment in our lives especially when there is no possibility of your government gaining power either in UP or pan-India basis.

“ Hum grameen hain, hum apne bacche bar bar nahin badalte. Nargis ne apne bete ko mother India main khud mara tha. Kisi bahri ko nahin bulaya. Modi bapu che, tame bapu nathi”. Modi is a father figure, you are not. Kiran Bedi and General VK Singh should join BJP and strengthen the hands of Modi.

BJP must start saying that they will do everything to strengthen village “panchayats” to enrich rural economy. Agricultural scientists will be given prominence. “Har haath ko kaam”, should be popularized to enhance vocational skills (a programme pertaining to this was initiated by a private sector bank is praise worthy) to augment self-employment among youth. The bank should not trivialize opening of a bank account, which is a solemn exercise. It should not to be depicted in a casual manner just like the recent kite flying advertisement aired on television. Banking is not kite flying.

The intentions of the AAP appear dubious. It has not been showing any empathy towards senior citizens employed in various industries. You can’t expect good workers to join the party by merely giving a missed call. AAP is not talking about population control and eradication of the reservation system. Rakhi Birla’s father has been saying that “ dalit” is one who’s actions are bad and who’s character is bad and one who does not stand up to challenge injustice.

Rakhi Birla and her father appear to be more sincere than Manish Sisodia, Shazia Ilmi and other bombastic AAP members. Arvind Kejrival deserves more applause but he must learn to respect and give credit to others too. What work are you going to do for boosting economic development and infrastructural development? What steps will you take to generate more electricity? The people must say, you wait, you work, prove your worth and let Modi govern us. Since you are good so you now co-operate with him and assist him, which is what Kiran Bedi wants to say.

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