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Kiss of Love: A publicity stunt

In the past weeks, we have read a lot about Kiss of Love and how the moral police were trying to curb it. Our country is full of idlers, cheaters, persons, photo opportunists, rapists who survive on parent’s money. You kiss as much as you like on the road, in park or any other public places but after achieving or accomplishing some thing. It has been reported that import of the nation’s defense equipment exceeds four times more than its export. Make a defense equipment of world class quality and kiss as much as you like. However, such kind of achievers will refrain from indulging in these kinds of activities. They might be more sober and responsible individuals who will prefer privacy in such matters avoiding unabashed show.

You ask them to use “Sanskrit” word for kiss. They may make faces. Ask them to utter the synonym of kiss in Spanish and they will remain ignorant about it. In one film Govinda asks Salman Khan, while kissing shall I do like this with the lips or like that. It was a hilarious sequence. Most of the people have poor oral hygiene. Many of us consume too much tobacco, gutka and pan masala. Such products are very popular among the youth but later give you fibrosis or cancer. It is too late to realize by then.

Children are more sensible. They prefer German over Sanskrit. Who can deny that Sanskrit is a classical language but it has to be mastered by those who like to learn it. I learnt about most of the modern ship’s equipments and systems while working on German ships. I never needed Sanskrit in using, operating and maintaining such equipment. We have dedicated colleges for Sanskrit and Sanskrit universities. We can strengthen them for the benefit of those who really will like to go for higher education in this reverend language.

Let us not trivialize the matter and show that if we learn Sanskrit, we will become some exclusive or special citizens. When I was studying in 9th or 10th class, one SDM wrote a judgement in Sanskrit but nobody was able to follow it completely. He then gave up such pursuits. Most of us cannot read the Bhagwat Gita properly. I have heard that RSS is planning to organize a tutorial for the ministers. Let RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat instruct them to read and follow the “Bhagwat Gita” and conduct a periodical test of these ministers for judging their proficiency. It’s better to broadcast it so that people will become aware about the truth.

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