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Launch of air quality index

We start a programme only after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes a mention about it. In many of my previous articles, I have pleaded that at least the major newspapers must print air quality data on the top space of their front page. Now, after Modi has laid emphasizing on improving air quality I hope that such figures will be printed for creating public awareness. Yes, the air we breathe in Mumbai is largely polluted with construction generated dust and particulates emanating from goods vehicles.

We must seek assistance of experts to reduce the pollution emitted by goods carrier vehicles by checking fuel quality, engine condition and by installing suitable filters in exhaust pipes.

Plenty of pollution is created by indiscriminate and excessive bursting of crackers. The local police must take steps to curb this practice. The children and elders are adversely affected by pollution after inhaling dust. Civic authorities must pro-actively monitor the situation and ask the concerned contractors to take suitable measures in this regard.

Even though Modi delivers good speeches but sometimes he also makes controversial statements like the five star activists who are trying to influence judiciary. When the PM speaks in front of an honourable audience, he must keep in mind that people who are listening to his speeches may be more qualified and experienced than him. To adopt an excessively self righteous approach is wrong.

BJP Chief of Parliamentary Committee, Dilip Kumar Gandhi, said that there is no Indian study that confirms tobacco use causes cancer. Even BJP MP from Assam, Ram Prasad Sarmah endorsed Gandhi’s views. Ambumani Ramadoss termed the remarks by the BJP MPs as “foolish” and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give directions to ensure that pictorial warnings on tobacco products are increased to 85 per cent as planned earlier.

Despite ban on the sale and manufacture of gutka it is not effectively implemented in Maharashtra and is sold in trains. The gutka advertisments too are aired on television. I myself used to consume these products during vacation but later realized that it harms the teeth and tissues of the mouth. People must stop consuming tobacco products.

On World Health Day, I noticed a good advertisement in newspaper by the Ministry of Ayush. Yes, we must follow everything that is shown in this advisory which is well presented. Riding a cycle and cycling for a few miles is really a good exercise which is promoted by actor Salman Khan and now Modi too is endorsing the same. Pillion riders must wear helmet. There have been several instances when pillion riders had fallen from the bike, sustained head injuries and died. People having stomach disorders must have “Triphala” in tablet form regularly.

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