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Lea Michele prefers no make-up look off work

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Actress Lea Michele prefers not to wear make-up when she is not working, to give her skin a chance to breathe.

“First and foremost, I don’t wear make-up when I don’t have to. When I’m out and about with friends and family, I’m not pounding make-up on my face – I’ll put on mascara and lip balm and go about my day. I like to give my skin a chance to breathe when it needs to,” Michele said to fashion-industry trade journal, WWD, reported a online portal.

“I drink a ton of water and I always try to get a good night’s sleep. That’s the first place I see my skin get affected – when I’m travelling on planes full of dry air. I treat my skin very delicately; I don’t go to bed without washing my face; I’m consistent with my products,” she added.

“New Year’s Eve” star also lives a “very healthy lifestyle” and loves working out.

“I pride myself in (the fact) that I do live a very healthy lifestyle. I try to eat as well as I can – I work out all the time, I hike, I enjoy all the amazing things California has to offer: food, produce, scenery, the beach. It helps me feel better and do my job better,” she said.

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