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Learn from your mistakes but don’t repeat them

In a recent interview on a television channel, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi had said that he sends his officers to mingle and work with farmers for understanding their problems and assist them. Other states too should follow this procedure to increase agricultural and horticulture production and enrich the rural life. The Congress government has failed to promote agricultural policy hence we are witnessing policy paralysis. The officers merely sat in their offices and did not visit the fields.

It is due to this reason many of our officers are not able to tell the difference between “Rabi” and “Kharif” crops. Chaudhry Charan Singh was the only Prime Minister who had excellent first hand knowledge about agriculture and land reforms but alas! Singh was not allowed to continue because he started asking “Indira Gandhi ka paisa kahan hai hame bata do.” He resigned after Indira had withdrawn support to the government. All good people (not balanced people) have some kind of shortcomings.

Modi and Amit Shah appear very wise and balanced. When an anchor asked Modi about his views on reservation he avoided the question and failed to give a clear answer about it. This shows how Modi could effectively control an interview and not Rahul Gandhi who played into the hands of the anchor and ended up inviting widespread protests. Amit Shah appears to be a very solid administrator and I appreciate his self-confidence.

Two persons or twelve persons cannot run this vast country. We have to mobilize the administrative machinery. Mostly (but not in all cases) we work under fear. During the emergency period, all officers reported office in time. We don’t need emergency to improve bureaucracy but Modi will send a stern message that no slackness will be tolerated. Congress had planned to appoint a judge for probing the incident of snooping of a woman architect allegedly at the behest of Narendra Modi. The party nonetheless rolled back its decision after NCP and National Conference criticized the timing of the appointment when election results are just few days away. They never concentrated on the real work and hence people are unhappy with their performance. Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them in future.

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