Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Let media do its job

Media is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy and it has the responsibility to create responsible citizens through unbiased reporting. Opposition parties like BJP, Congress and many others alleged that the media was giving more coverage to Aam Aadmi Party which has immensely helped the party. According to them AAP has come into limelight only due to the immense coverage given by the media.

Media was covering news about AAP party to garner TRPs. The allegations made political parties against media is unjustified media had lauded AAP for the work done by it but also criticized the party when it has failed to meet people’s expectations. This only goes to show that media is not biased towards any party and gives equal importance to other news.

AAP has become successful only due to media and the party should give credit to it.

Media acts as a link between the common man and the government. Media had widely reported about each and every incident right from the inception of AAP and its victory and Kejriwal’s swearing in ceremony.
Media has always reported about the facts. It had reported about AAP party as people were keen to know about the party and its mode of functioning. If anyone commented against AAP then it was broadcasted on television. What is wrong with it? Media was not promoting AAP.

Since last few days media has been criticising the mode of functioning of AAP. Later AAP leaders of the party criticized media by saying that it is all set to tarnish the party’s image. A question which arises here is if media was supporting AAP then why it has been criticising AAP and its working style?
Media is merely reporting about news pertaining to AAP and is not giving any unfair publicity to political party. Media is only covering about the positive and negative aspects of the story. This only goes to show that media is only following Journalism ethics. Today media firms are competing with each other to break latest stories related to AAP. Thus nobody has any right to criticise media at it is only performing its duty. Media is playing their role to create awakened citizens. I hope media continues to keep parallel journalism alive by following ethics.

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