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Let peace prevail in this world

“Sallallahu allehe wa allehi Wassalam” signifies peace and purity. At the end of the month of fasting and prayers we celebrate Eid which was popularized by Feroz Khan in the song, Allah ko pyari hai kurbani.

Tujh pe kurban meri jaan, mera dil mera imaan
Yari meri kehti hai, yaar pe karde sab kurban
Kurbani, kurbani, kurbani, Allah ko pyari hai kurbani…

Present times demand wisdom and peace. Spiritual advancement and material progress requires peace and peaceful co-existence. Iran is such a beautiful country where you get excellent food and thick tasty biscuits. However, the mad rush to become a nuclear state has affected the progress of this country.

It has shipping company named IRISL having big good ships but the firm’s profitability is low. Indonesia is a peaceful nation its citizens are very friendly. Malaysia is a good country too, though they suffered losses on account of two aeroplane disasters. It is expected that they will recover from this tragedy soon. Bangladesh is another beautiful nation and we used to have good food at circuit house lawns in Chittagong. However, they have picked up bad habits and large number of burglary cases and maritime fraud has been reported at this port of late. The situation was different 20 yrs ago.

We feel helpless and sad at the loss of lives at Ghaza recently but let us hope that good sense prevails and ceasefire is announced. It is better for the Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and work together. Israel is technically advanced and they can train their less fortunate neighbours for mutual peace and prosperity. I did not know much about Babri Masjid or Ram Janmabhoomi till the day I learnt about the disaster which occurred at this site while I was at Howrah station alone with luggage having signed off from ship and with the commotion I was really scared. Politicians create problems for personal gains but we must be wise and not fall in their trap. I want to re-read “ Eidgah” by Munshi Prem Chand at this moment.

On the day of rendezvous with Allah, he will not ask why you did not shoot a “Kafir” as no such person exists. He will notice that you fasted faithfully and embraced each other with love and he will reward you for this.

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