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Let us save earth from dying: Part II

Save the earth should be our motto. Save the environment are buzz words. People have started realizing the beauty of Mother Nature and the importance of preserving her in her original form for future generations and humans. Nature is our oldest companion and man has always depended heavily on her for all his needs. Today, despite all the technical aspects, man is becoming more and more dependent on nature. People look for food, clothing, shelter, and basic requirements; they are ready to do anything. In return, nature did not ask anything from a man but it probably did not expect to see man fill the skies with smoke, the earth with rubbish and the water with pollutants. While pollution cannot be curbed completely, the levels of pollution can be minimised.

For rural surroundings, large plants for the production of Bio Gas must be installed to ensure a continuous supply of cooking gas. Above all, human attitudes towards environmental conservation have to be emphasised and implemented. It is time that we allow some time to take stock of the situation and plan for the betterment of society. For that, we should get an Eco-attitude as well. Plastic bags play a negative role in chocking the drainage system. Reuse old polythene bags. Make sure you do not burn polythene bags as they cause a lot of pollution. Do not throw poisonous wastes into dustbins especially used batteries as these wind up causing damage to the ecosystem, instead try to dispose of the waste properly. Avoid unnecessarily running the generator. Switch off lights and fans when not in use. Avoid wastage of water. Fix leaking taps immediately. Close taps tightly and do not let the water running waste. People often leave their taps open while brushing shaving and such a practice can cause loss of thousand litres of water a month.

Our environment comprising of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere constitutes the biosphere. Whenever a change, physical or chemical occurs in the biosphere, living beings including microorganisms get affected. This change is termed as pollution and the agents are called pollutants. The earlier man was in perfect wavelength with the environment. With the advancement of technology, this set up has been affected and led to gross depletion of nonrenewable resources endangering man.

Development is vital for growth and improvement in the standard of living. It is necessary to make the deserts green and mountains habitable. What is sad is that in the name of development and progress, we are shamelessly plundering our forests and precious natural resources and thus disturbing our ecological balance. In the name of urbanisation, we are destroying large scale wildlife habitats and depleting every available resource at a fast rate, analysing and slowly converting them into waste bins.

We have to return all that we took from Mother Nature and clean up the dirt that we swept under the carpet. The solutions have been provided by nature and stare us in the face. Give back what you look from her. We made the river water dirty. We now need to clean them up. We denuded the mountains; therefore, we need to replant trees. We shot a hole in the ozone layer; we now need to use discretion in our use of chemicals. We put wildlife on our walls and dining tables, we now have to cherish and protect the endangered species. Is it going to be easy? No. The solutions are known by all and fill up files as action plans. However, that is all they remain just as plans; moreover, public indifference has spelled disaster. Let us save earth from dying.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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