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Let us work for progress

On this Makar Sankranti day, we must look ahead with renewed determination to work happily and peacefully (avoid needless agitations) for achieving all round progress. This day is synonymous with “daan”. All these aspects promote and preserve good “ sanskaras” among us. These days we witness too much turbulence due to religious intolerance which also results into extreme violence in many cases. Such ruthless shooting of innocent persons is deeply disturbing and must be curbed.

In our country, we must focus on the work of enhancing electric power generation and distribution. It is equally important to provide clean drinking water to our citizens. It is a difficult task but all of us must take initiative for accomplishing this objective by seeking assistance from foreign technicians. It is sad that our saints are not teaching good things to the populace and indulging in reactionary approach. Population control is very important otherwise strain on resources will tend to increase. It’s also necessary to curtail rising vehicular traffic. Why so many motor vehicles are allowed to ply on roads thereby increasing air pollution? Motor vehicle population is increasing but there is lack of adequate parking space in the city. Who will monitor this?

I had noticed on television that officials are taking efforts to persuade taxi drivers and auto rickshaw drivers to quit consuming “gutka” and present themselves in clean dress and behave politely with passengers. They can bring about a significant change in our social behaviour. Citizens also must co-operate and board the vehicle from the correct side of the road, even if it means walking a little distance or crossing the road safely. In the film Taxi Driver, Dev Anand is seen wearing the correct and clean dress and displays amiable and sensitive attitude when he listens to the song: “Jayen to jayen kahan, samjhega kaun yahan….”.

Most of our taxi drivers in Mumbai are good except some who refuse the fare and speed away thereby causing inconvenience to commuters. A few times I myself experienced some mischievous drivers who tried to cheat, when I picked up the cab from the north eastern side instead of hiring prepaid taxis. Once, I even regained my good umbrella from the Mumbai Central Taxi union office. So let us encourage and congratulate them for the welcome change they are bringing to themselves for general happiness.

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