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Letters to the Editor: 01 July, 2019

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FEATURE LETTER DIARY 679x400 e1553672678487Take care while enjoying in water!

After a long wait, finally it has started raining heavily and waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and beaches have started overflowing in some places, which are known as tourists’ spots. There are a lot of visitors crowding these places. Tourists get so carried away at these places and in their over-enthusiasm, they fail to gauge the depth of water and speed with which it flows, leading to accidents.

A few over-enthusiast young men and women, in their craze of taking ‘selfie’, fall in water; besides, the good swimmers also get in trouble when they enter the water under influence of liquor. Lifeguards are available at the places visited by tourists but their number is inadequate compared to the inflow of visitors. One should surely enjoy going and taking a dip in the water at such places during monsoon, but care should also be taken of own safety. They should not unnecessarily compete with the speed and depth of water; moreover, they should also warn their relatives and friends to be careful.

When we go for such trips, there is always somebody at home waiting for us and they want to listen to the things we did at such places and enjoy through our experiences. It is, therefore, our duty to take care of our near and dear ones that they don’t get any shock in the bargain?

Jagan Ghanekar


Be careful

This is a WhatsApp message received by me from a friend which I would like to share with readers:

“A mother killed her four children accidentally. Here is how she killed them:

The children refused to drink the cough syrup which she asked them to drink.  So she mixed the cough syrup in milk. The children went to sleep after drinking the cough syrup mixed in milk and never woke up the next morning. The mixture of the cough syrup mixed with milk proved to be fatal for the children.”

So my dear readers avoid drinking medicine in milk. Not only cough syrup but do not drink any chemical additives in milk as it will become poisonous. Prevention is better than cure. So be careful.

Jubel D’Cruz


Team India must focus on getting quicker wickets

The recently concluded India-England WC match witnessed India’s struggle to outpace the top order batsmen in the initial 20 overs. Despite losing the toss, the favourites did not utilise much of the opportunity available on the steady pitch and thus the benefit of the doubt was in favour of English batsmen with the run rate exceeding 6 runs per over.

Team India should now focus on getting quicker wickets while bowling first, irrespective of the toss factor. English conditions are a challenge to new age bowlers who haven’t yet set a mark on its soil. Hence, the onus on getting good wickets depends on bowling squad only to reduce the opponent’s mammoth scorecard as witnessed in previous games.

The team has already suffered a major blow with the exit of Shikhar Dhawan owing to injury. As Indian team has already berthed in the semifinals, Indian team now should not be carried away by the mere successive win record in this tournament and should focus highly on strengthening the bowling department, especially when put to field first.

Varun Dambal


Yet other publicity-stunt

Fortunately, Indian film-industry has bold personalities like playback singer Abhijeet who without any hesitation openly speak the bitter reality as he commented on yet other publicity-stunt of a young film-actress Zaira Wasim of ‘Dangal’ fame leaving the film-industry in the name of Islam.

If it was so, why did her parents allow her to enter the film-industry which always had several Muslim film-actresses of fame? The film-industry is running even in purely Islamic nations also which evidently are dominated by the Muslim actresses and actors.

It seems Zaira Wasim became unpopular amongst masses because of her inhuman publicity-stunts like dragging an innocent business-executive travelling in a late-night flight in business-class levelling totally baseless allegations of touching her, for which media-trail made the innocent even facing torturing mindless police-case.

Unfortunately, our electronic media in the hunt for TRP-rating unnecessarily highlights such useless stories which at times cause big harassment for innocent persons like the one targeted by Zaira Wasim.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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