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Letters to the Editor: 05 February, 2020

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Saina should focus on winning medals instead of politics

Saina Nehwal joining BJP and publicly supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of Delhi assembly polls comes as a surprise. Saina is at the prime of her badminton career and her main focus should be winning medals for her country and the upcoming Olympics should be her main area of concentration. She is the greatest badminton player our country has ever produced and she should focus on winning an Olympic gold for India than politics which can wait till her retirement.

Sportsmen have a very short professional career and international sports is extremely competitive. It requires tough practice as well as mental preparation and concentration. Every sportsmen should refrain from joining politics till they are actively representing India. Hope Saina Nehwal is not getting swayed away and focuses on badminton. Wishing her luck for the upcoming Olympics.

S.N. Kabra

Perilous pyrotechnics

It is  festive time  once again  in this part of the North Malabar region  (North Kerala) for the  temples and the big ‘kavus'(sacred temple  groves) .Besides the traditional rituals, customs and the  very colourful and awe inspiring “theyyams ” (oracles) there is this customary  display of  pyrotechnics or fireworks. There was a time when the temples and ” kavus” had acres of land  in their possession  and there was a safe and secured place for display of pyrotechnics.

There were a few human settlements in and around the kavus then. But now the scene has changed. The number of houses have increased and some of the areas have become densely populated. As a result, the fireworks display has started causing havoc to the buildings and the people of that locality. It is high time the police and the authority concerned realise this and restrict  the time duration   or  atleast reduce  the impact of the sound the fireworks produce.

The deafening sound of some  of  the  firecrackers cause serious health problems especially heart and  hearing system of the old, the infants and the sick. Some of the temples spend  lakhs  on these  fireworks. It  would  be a blessing  if at least half  that  amount is spend on  feeding  and  helping  the  poor  of that locality. At least the gratitude of the poor will be  there rather than the curses of those  who  suffer because of  the  perilous  pyrotechnics.


Swift action by Indian govt to evacuate citizens from Wuhan

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus is alarming and advisories have been issued to prevent its outbreak across the globe. As a precautionary measure people are advised to wear masks and hand gloves in the best interest of public health, safety and wellness. Nations are now evacuating citizens from affected Wuhan area China by sending in rescue/evacuation flights.

As many of the Indians mostly students were stuck in Wuhan owing to the outbreak, it was highly appreciable for the Indian Government to act swiftly and send a jumbo jet rescue plane. Air India once again was a saviour amidst its stake sale gloom. Air India team, the team of doctors and the Indian Embassy officials in China need to be highly appreciated for their swift action and efforts to evacuate Indians through a two-way jumbo jet aircraft.

One remains indebted to the kindness Air India and Indian Government shows towards the well being of its citizens in China and such a rescue effort will now reinforce faith in Air India being a national carrier. The hope of reviving Air India’s brand identity and reclaiming its market share in the Indian skies still lingers on.

Varun Dambal

No justice for Nirbhaya

In India, you can get away with any crime you’ve committed as long as you have the money to bribe the police and the lawyers like in the 2012 Nirbhaya rape and murder case where justice has still not been delivered to Nirbhaya’s parents. It’s  a shame on our judicial system.

Jubel D’Cruz

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)


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