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Letters to the Editor: 05 March, 2020

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,

SDMC’s move to impose professional tax unjustified

While Central government introduced Goods and service Tax (GST) to end too many types of taxes, it is illogical for South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to consider imposing Professional Tax from professionals having monthly income above rupees 50000. It is to be noted that it will be an added burden on professionals having annual income above rupees 20 lakhs who have to pay 18-per cent GST on their income. Furthermore, it will be cumbersome and complicated procedure to collect such new-to-be imposed Professional Tax by the civic body as it will be applicable even on those living outside jurisdiction of SDMC but having professional income from area under jurisdiction of SDMC thus creating an inspector-raaj breeding to corruption. Likewise imposing electricity-tax by the civic body is illogical even though its collection may not be cumbersome and complicated.

Main problem with civic bodies in Delhi is that these are getting only a very small fraction of total property-tax that can be collected. All civic bodies including SDMC in Delhi should take harsh and stringent-most steps to collect property-tax from all those also who are presently not paying property-tax at all. Once compliance of property-tax is proper and complete, all civic bodies including SDMC will have more than sufficient funds required by them. It is unjustified to further burden honest tax-payers because of dishonest tax-payers evading property-tax.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

Patriotism and nationalism can never be taught

This refers to your editorial “Never ending hate between Hindu & Muslims”. Majority of us today seen to have forgotten that we are Indian citizens and so there is a complete absence of nationalism among the people. Mahatma Gandhi declared from behind the bars that, ”Patriotism is good, but it must not supersede the feeling of universal love for all humanity. It must not make us indifferent to the growing concept of ‘New World’. Patriotism and nationalism can never be taught, but these must be learnt.

No doubt, we have trained police force to tackle communal riots, but these (the riots) are mere gimmicks by our politicians to grab votes. Today, our country is going through crisis. The steps taken by the government to inculcate the values of secularism are not enough. There was a time when our leaders spoke of India’s mission of spiritualizing the world and the sentiment was applauded because it appealed to the patriot in each one of us and now our PM Modi is also inculcating the same. This is the time when we must do something and open our eyes to reality.

Vinod C. Dixit

Free public transport will reduce traffic congestion

The recent move to make public transport free for all in Luxembourg is welcome. The move is aimed at mobilizing people to use public transport whilst encouraging a carbon-free and emission-free urban eco-system. The move also comes at a time to reduce the increasing traffic congestion and make other busy cities take a note of such an example.

The concept of free public transport as an experiment will definitely encourage its use extensively. While First class and night services are exempted from availing free public transportation, the move to otherwise make it free during the peak time will reduce traffic chaos in Luxembourg. Busy cities elsewhere in world should now emulate this model and offer free public transportation facilities at least on shorter routes, last-mile connectivity, and airport shuttles. The move will help reduce traffic congestion, promote a carbon-free environment and encourage the people to use public transport extensively.

Varun Dambal

Time to rebuild lives after Delhi riots

With violence in Northeast Delhi abating over the last couple of days, space has opened up for activities and initiatives to reconstruct lives and livelihoods and rebuild ties damaged and ruptured during the recent communal violence in the capital. There is an urgent need for Mohalla committees. These are mixed-community groups that include members of a neighbourhood, especially women, as well as respected members of civil society and local police. Scores of Mohalla committees, which were set up in Mumbai’s community neighbourhoods in the wake of the communal violence following the destruction of the Babri Masjid in December 1992, are reported to have played a significant role in preventing communal conflagrations in Mumbai. The recent violence in Delhi is a wake-up call. It should serve as a reminder that the state often does not act to protect minorities, the marginalised and other hapless sections. It underscores the importance of people acting to protect themselves. Setting up Mohalla committees would be a positive step in this direction.

A Abuzar Sitamarhi

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)


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