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Letters to the Editor: 06 February, 2020

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Kiwi cricketers and sportsmanship

It was a pleasant and heartwarming sight to see young West indies batsman Kirk Mc Kenzie being carried off the ground by New Zealand u19 cricketers skipper Jesse Tashkoff and pacer Joseph Field when the former suffered severe cramps on the field while playing against the Kiwi team in the ongoing Under 19 World Cup cricket tournament.

New Zealand players are widely popular and noted for their sportsmanship and their behavior was witnessed by sports buffs around the world  during the World Cup semi final  when the Kane Williamson led side  showed  excellently an example of the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ in the 50-over World Cup (WC) final held in July last year. Even in the heat of the thrilling match the Kiwis never lost their cool and only displayed excellent sportsmanship worthy of emulating. The match lingers in our memory not just for its thrill and chill but for the beautiful spirit of cricket displayed  especially by the New Zealand team and though unfortunately they lost the match they won the hearts of everybody. Sometime back the seniors team won the very famous  ICC’s 2019 Christopher Martin-Jenkins’  Spirit of Cricket Award.
At a time when cricketers forget gentlemanliness, which is the soul of cricket and cricketers and get into all types of tiffs, conflicts, clashes and dirty  ‘sledging’ at the drop of a hat the Kiwis  both seniors and junior’s have proved that sportsman spirit is still alive. The youngsters’ gesture has been applauded by the cricketing fraternity including cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar.

M Pradyu

Night life will gain popularity in days to come

Any alterations takes time for people to get accustomed to the change and 24×7 shopping as well as eating may have received a mute response but would pick up in the days to come. Mumbai is an international city and people should not crib at the empty malls and hotels during midnight hours as the change is for upgrading the city the benefits of which would bore fruits in future when tourists line up our shores as people plan vacations and not just rush at any change. Empty public transport buses at odd hours doesn’t mean you withdraw the services. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and one believe the 24×7 scheme of shopping as well as eating was a move in the right direction.

Government should offer some incentives like tax cuts as well as subsidised electricity during night hours for mall owners to popularize the scheme. Shop and hoteliers should offer free vouchers as well as special discounts during night hours to not only popularize the scheme which would than attract more customers. People at the moment must be worried about security to visit empty  malls at odd hours but the scene would change in future when people adopt the change and crowd these places in the days to come.


Wuhan kaun hai tera?

Alarmed by the breakout of the Coronavirus, a harried passenger arrived at the Wuhan airport to board a plane back to India. A accomplice of his was also at the airport but he was going to Pakistan. Both knew each other very well.

The Indian Venkataraju by name was alone in the family. Neither did he have his parents, nor was he married. The scare of the deadly virus made Venkat to return home. His accomplice Khan knew that back home also, Venkat  was a disturbed man with no friends  to support him.

While they were sitting at the airport waiting for their respective plane to arrive, Khan pleaded with Venkat asking him to go with him to Pakistan and stay with him. The discussion went on for a long time when suddenly it was announced that the plane to India was now boarding.

When Venkat got up, Khan loudly pleaded, “Wuhan kaun hai tera musafir, jayega kahan.” People who were overhearing the conversation, broke art laughing.

Ashish Mitra

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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