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Letters to the Editor: 06 March, 2020

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Justice should be given to Nirbhaya’s parents

The four Nirbhaya rapists should be hanged till death at the earliest so that other rapists may learn a lesson from this incident and not treat women like sex objects in order to satisfy their carnal desires. But what about the juvenile who has raped Nirbhaya too. Why was he left with just a light warning? Besides giving him a light warning, why has he been hidden in an isolated place where no one knows where he is now? Is there an answer to this? How much money has he bribed the court to let him off with just a light warning? Justice should be given to Nirbhaya’s parents so that her soul may rest in peace.

Jubel D’Cruz

Team India paid price for underestimating New Zealand

The New Zealand tour was the worst ever overseas assignment for Team India in recent times as they were white washed both in ODI’s as well as Tests after giving a similar treatment to Kiwis in the T-20 games. Perhaps we peaked too soon and became overconfident which was the reason of our debacle in the later part of the series. Captain Virat Kohli was all at sea with the bat and his behaviour on the field too left bad taste in the minds of his fans as he was reprimanded by the referees time and again. His frustration clearly showed as he also lost his cool with journalists during post match chats with the press.

Kohli is the best batsman in world cricket but he should learn to take failures in his stride. Aggression is good but over aggression can lead to defeats. Indians I thought took the New Zealand side lightly and paid the price. One must never count the chickens before the eggs are hatched and hope the defeat was a learning chapter for Kohli and his boys

S.N. Kabra 

Dishonesty in examination

It’s examination time every where and along with it reports arrive of students cheating and all sorts of academic dishonesty happening. The news of a school clerk in Uttar Pradesh using his house as an examination centre of the state board to help students cheat in the Class 12 exam is the latest to hit the news headlines and this incident is rather surprising, shocking and goes to show how low our education system has been dragged to by some  conniving  and crooked people whose sole aim is to make quick money .

It is really worrisome that though  the state government had set up a monitoring unit and the exam centres have CCTV camera coverage and in a first the state government has also launched a Twitter handle for immediate resolution of complaints and queries and in addition helpline numbers for the control room and all sorts of precautions taken the incident involving the clerk obviously reveal that there are elements in the academic field itself who by hook or by crook indulge in dishonest ways sadly supporting individuals who achieve what they want through immoral, devious and unprincipled method. Incidents such as these spoil the very  purpose of examination and assessment.

Youngsters who adopt these unethical ways to achieve their aim later turn into corrupt individuals who pave way for corruption  to ‘ reign’  in  the society. Unless and until very strict measures are taken and stringent punishments are given to individuals who cheat and help cheating this ingrained taint in our education system will remain, tarnishing the very image of the nation’s education system.

M Pradyu

Amit Shah misleading minorities

Home Minister Amit Shah assured a public rally in Kolkata said: “No minority will have to leave the country owing to the new Citizenship Act.” I wonder, how long he will try to make the people fool while they know best that this act is violative of the Constitution. Why does he need to satisfy minorities? If his government had not excluded Muslims, he would not have needed to organize rallies across to make minorities satisfy. It simply shows that BJP want to hide what is in their hearts.

Mahmudul Hasan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)


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