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Letters to the Editor: 07 November, 2019

letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Reduce passport application charges for senior citizens

Presently the senior citizens need to shell out an exorbitant charge of Rs.1350 in order to apply for a fresh passport under normal category at the Passport offices across the country and it thus causes an inconvenience. The passport officials are now kindly requested to empathise with the sensitivities and other related compulsions of Senior Citizens who otherwise lead a frugal retired life or are either dependent on their wards. While it is given to understand that other facilities are offered with atleast a 50 per cent rebate such as railway concessions, air fare etc. There is now an urgent need to revise the existing charges by upto 50 per cent for senior citizens applying for passports under normal category at the passport offices.

Hence the Ministry of External Affairs is kindly requested to reduce the normal category passport application fee by 50 per cent and thus enable senior citizens to apply at a fee of Rs. 750 only instead of the existing fee of Rs.1350. The move to reduce the normal fresh passport application charges as suggested will highly benefit the needy senior citizens to avail the passport facility and thus travel abroad in an affordable way.

Varun Dambal


Gilchrist’s advice to Pant

Former Australia batsman and wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist in a recent interview with the media has aptly said that young Indian wicket keeper Rishabh Pant must not try to become the next Dhoni and also advised the youngster to learn from the former Indian captain but not to ape him. He said that fans and journalists  have started comparing Pant to Dhoni and that in a way has pressurised  the youngster as he is nowadays found embattled, hard pressed and lacking form. Pant definitely has been selected, reckoning his splendid performance  in some of the series held home and abroad. His imitation and actions of a legend like Dhoni did prove fruitful earlier but then one can’t charm the spectators always  just with that. Good players have to have their own panache. Legends like Adam Gilchrist, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, and Dhoni etc rose to greater heights only because they had their own style and  displayed splendid skills on the field. They carved a niche of their own by braving all the odds and by working hard to come out with their best. Sadly today’s youngsters get carried away by applause, praise and publicity. Mistakes made  in one or two matches is quite common but a failure throughout results in doubts and comparison. No doubt Pant’s grit and mettle plus his skills landed him in the  squad and definitely the young player should come out with his best and come out with his own style.

M Pradyu


Dehli a city of moving masks

The Supreme Court-mandated Environment (Prevention and Control) Authority made the declaration as the air quality deteriorated sharply and the region experienced its most polluted day in about two years. The air quality index topped out the highest pollution level that can be recorded at many places and gave the city the dubious distinction of being among the most polluted cities in the world. There is no normal life in Delhi, with people being advised to stay indoors, schools shut down, office timings rescheduled, and construction activity banned. It has been reduced to a gas chamber where all living things are gasping for air. It is a city of moving masks. A great responsibility rests on the people also, who should follow the rules and norms to tackle pollution and force governments to act right.

S Arif Magdi 


WhatsApp not safe

Amidst the row over the alleged surveillance of phones through WhatsApp, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee said her phone was also “trapped” and asked PM Modi to investigate the matter. Even mobile phones, WhatsApp aren’t safe. It is a very serious matter.

 Arif Mahfooz

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