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Letters to the Editor: 08 October, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Issue fresh currency notes to smaller post offices

It refers to regretting aspect of Indraprastha Head Post Office (New Delhi) sending non-issuable spoilt and even multi-pieces currency-notes for issue to account-holders at Dariba Post Office in Delhi which presently also houses work-load of since closed Chandni Chowk post-office. It is significant that account-holders have to inform for cash-withdrawal one day in advance at Dariba post-office.

I withdrew cash from my savings-account from Dariba post-office on October 4, 2019 after informing on the prior day. But I was shocked that badly spoilt currency-notes in smaller denomination of rupees 50 and 100 giving very bad smell were given to me out of which certain notes were taped because of being in two pieces. Even counting of such dirty notes was tough because notes were stuck with each other. Handling of such non-issuable currency is very injurious for health-reasons and their counting and handling can be infectious also.

Similar complaint was lodged a few years back also, and thereafter issuable notes were being sent for some weeks. But tendency of sending non-issuable currency at smaller post-office of Dariba (Delhi) again started. Enquiry should be made and strict-most action should be taken against guilty cashier at Indraprastha Head Post Office at New Delhi who sent non-issuable currency at Dariba Post Office in Delhi on October 4, 2019.

For future, it should be ensured that Head Post Offices may send only issuable fresh currency to smaller post-offices in the country preferably in denomination of rupees 500 only for ease of account-holders and staffers at smaller post-offices.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Open-defecation free India is Modi govt’s biggest achievement

Where there is a will there is a way and kudos to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that his dream of a ‘Toilet’ facility for every city has come true. Sanitation and cleaner India lessens diseases which indirectly means less expenditure on public health which can then be utilized for nations development and progress. It is now upto the citizens to utilize these facilities properly by keeping them clean.

Success of public welfare programmes also indicates literacy rate of the nation is on the rise. The focus should now be on protecting environment as our stay on earth may be temporary but generations to come will use the facilities on earth for centuries to come. Ban on plastic, cigarettes as well as other harmful commodities will ensure a greener environment and a healthy population!

S.N. Kabra


Tampered auto meters

Despite various measures curbing the autos plying with tampered meters, the cops found more than 100 autos playing with tampered meters in Borivili and Kandivili corridor of the city. The switch to electronic meters in autorickshaw was meant to prevent drivers from overcharging commuters but the purpose is defeated as many drivers are playing their autos with tampered meters to make easy money.  This is a very bad precedence and commuters are cheated in the bargain without their knowledge. This is pinching the pocket of people, who are already suffering because of the high inflation level prevailing in the city. Timely measures should be taken to make the city free from tampered meters over a period of time.

Annaporani Shanthi

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