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Letters to the Editor: 08 September, 2019

ISRO should focus on Chandrayaan-2 orbiter

It was disappointing to know the status of Vikram lander on the Moon’s South Pole with India making a very first attempt to land over there. However with Chandrayaan-2 orbiter still being active and involved in its continuous path, it brings cheers and hopes to many people.

The losing of contact prior with Vikram to landing at Moon resulted in failure of ISRO to accomplish the mission. The entire nation stood by ISRO and was well overwhelmed by brilliant efforts to prepare Chandrayaan-2 including Vikram and Pragyan. It is overwhelming to know that ISRO has garnered high support and wishes across various sections of the society including the science community, bollywood, sports and political leadership.

ISRO should now look ahead and focus on its existing active mission i.e. Chandrayaan-2 orbiter and data analysis to determine the cause of failure. The efforts put up by ISRO and others involved in this mission is highly appreciated. The Hon’ble PM gesture towards ISRO Chief over the failure demonstrates leadership in spirit of fairness in a game. However such emotional outbursts should be avoided in a public domain and instead the team should put up a brave face to the entire world and should accept the failures in the right spirit of the game.

Varun Dambal


GST authorities should clarify on undue GST-demand made by private builder-groups

It is quite usual that private builder-groups are charging GST on previously booked units (flats, apartments, villas etc) at the old increased GST rate of 12-percent as was before 31.03.2019, even if these units are completed and allotted after 01.04.2019 when GST-rate was reduced to 5-per cent. This is despite the fact that agreements signed clearly mention that the total price would be inclusive of taxes and cesses applicable on date of agreement with a condition that any decrease in taxes and cess, the booking company shall refund the excess amount charged at old increased GST-rate. There are instances where GST was reduced from 12-per cent to 5-per cent w.e.f. 01.04.2019 and the project was not completed till 31.03.2019. GST on such booked unit must have been revised to 5-per cent from earlier 12-per cent calculated a time of booking. These builder-groups are also not giving benefit of Input-Tax-Credit (ITC) enjoyed by the builder.

GST-authorities should look into the matter, and publicise that reduced GST-slab at 5-per cent may be charged for units completed and handed over after 31.03.2019 instead of 12-per cent GST-rate prevailing at time of booking before 31.03.2019, and also provide benefit enjoyed by the builders under Input-Tax-Credit (ITC) provisions.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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