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Letters to the Editor: 1 August, 2019

Never be lured by discounts!

One should never get lured by huge discounts and unreasonable offers as they are signs of desperation as well as alarming signals of wrongdoing. Sad to learn that a Yoga guru duped 700 members by amassing their hard-earned money and shutting shop in today’s time of economic slowdown. We would hear many such more cases in the days to come and people need to be careful in their financial transactions.

We are today living in the world of financial irregularities where builders are looting flat buyers, industrialists and businessmen are fleeing the country after taking billions of rupees as loans and the list is endless. The government should come up with stringent laws and punishment so that such incidents are minimised in the days to come. Cheap is not always good and people too should do some homework before investing putting in their hard-earned money on lucrative offers that most time are frauds by ‘fly by night’ operators!



Why is PM silent on Unnao rape case?

Kuldeep Singh Sengar, the rapist in the Unnao rape case, is an embarrassment for the BJP. I wonder why Yogi Adityanath is shielding him! How much money has he paid to the police that they cannot even put him in jail? Shame on our government for shielding crooks, murderers, and rapists. Why are PM Modi and the Home Minister mum on this issue? Is it because Kuldeep Singh Sengar belongs to the BJP? Why are our women treated like sex objects for men to play within a country like ours?

Jubel D’Cruz


In a first, CJI allows CBI to file case against HC judge

Chief Justice of India (CJI) at last has given nod to Central Bureau of Investigation CBI to file a case against a sitting judge of Allahabad High Court Justice SN Shukla, first-ever in independent India paving way for further follow-up action under Prevention of Corruption Act against the said judge. Earlier following an adverse report from an In-House panel, CJI had written to Prime Minister for removal of the judge for showing favours to a medical college in extending deadline for admission of students in violation of a Supreme Court order. Justice Shukla had declined to resign or take voluntary retirement.

However, even if Prime Minister may wish to accept the demand of CJI, even then presently the only cumbersome procedure through impeachment by Parliament may not allow easy removal of the judge even if persons on responsible posts both at legislature and judiciary may want to do so.

Best is to constitute a permanent National Judicial Commission having retired Supreme Court judges as member-nominees of President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, leader of the largest opposition party in Lok Sabha and Bar Council of India with Central Vigilance Commissioner as its ex-officio Secretary. This Commission can be the final authority in appointments and probe against judges of higher courts with the power to recommend President of India for removal of a guilty-found judge without requiring the involvement of Parliament.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


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