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Letters to the Editor: 10 November, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Good money should never chase bad assets!

Rs 25000 crores energy booster to the realty sector from the Finance Minister is too little too late to a sector that is in the doldrums and a move to bail out politically backed builders who are bankrupt. Why should honest tax payers money be used to help the corrupt who have siphoned off many a banks money as corruption is the main cause why building projects could not have been completed. It should have been the other way round where unsold inventory of big infrastructure projects should have been taken possession by the government to repay banks many of whom have gone bust.

Good money should never chase bad assets and government is risking not just its own revenues but even those of LIC and SBI in helping the corrupt builders who have already looted the banks and investors.

S.N. Kabra


Government’s masterstroke to address home buyers woes

The government’s move to allocate Rs. 25,000 cr to stuck residential projects is a masterstroke to address home buyers issues relating to project deliveries and stressed developers funding issues that were stalling the completion of projects. Real estate sector which witnessed challenges in recent times will get major boost through this special window. This relief package will definitely ease the situation.  Also this move will benefit lakhs of homebuyers. It’s a big positive for developers and real estate sector.

Siddhartha Mohanty


Stalemate continues but waiting for the climax

The BJP and the Shiv Sena are locked in a tug-of-war over the issue of the chief minister’s post, resulting in a stalemate in government formation. Sena has claimed top leaders of the party and the BJP had agreed on sharing the chief minister’s post on a rotational basis and 50:50 distribution of portfolio ahead of the October 21 assembly polls in the state. The BJP has, however, denied any such arrangement with Uddhav Thackeray-led party and has insisted Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will continue to hold the post for full term. Thus the stalemate continues and we are all waiting for the climax scene just like in a Bollywood film. There is no Box office status here but bookies are very busy predicting the outcome in favour BJP-Sena coalition.

Nikhil Mani


Don’t take law in hand

Nowadays Police personnel hold a candle light protest at Delhi Police Headquarters over alleged repeated incidents of violence against them by lawyers. Thus it is called that lawyers and police are expected to work in harmony, being two important pillars of the justice system. The ugly showdown between the two in the national capital of Delhi has exposed them to public ridicule and scorn, and more worryingly a loss of faith in these institutions. People are anxious that what is happening in the country’s capital and how can India develop when  law enforcement agencies are on the streets, what will happen to the common man? Hence law abiding and law enforcement should not be law breaker.



Welcome Supreme Court verdict on Ram-Janmabhoomi

Chief Justice of India CJI should be complimented for taking all necessary precautions before pronouncing much-awaited and sensitive verdict on Ram-Janmabhoomi when in an unprecedented manner, CJI held a meeting in his chamber with concerned senior officers of UP responsible for ensuring law and order in the state. Furthermore, verdict was delivered on Saturday rather than normal working day between Monday and Friday, thus ensuring that weekend may provide a cool-down period before coming Monday.

Now that five-member Supreme Court has through its well-analysed unanimous decision on the most sensitive issue paving way for construction of a grand temple at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya under a government-managed trust. Indian Muslim community should respect religious sentiments of Hindus by extending support for construction of the temple at birth-place of Lord Ram at Ayodhya. Even though apex court declined Shia-community to be a party in the case, yet their suggestion for alternate land of five-acres for construction of a grand mosque at alternate place in Ayodhya was accepted by the court.

It will be even more welcome gesture if offer comes for sue-motto shifting mosques from Vishwanath Temple in Kashi and Krishna-Janmabhoomi in Mathura. Any such gesture will make India a glorious example of communal harmony. Grand mosques then can be made with co-operation of government and Hindu-organizations elsewhere at Kashi and Mathura also.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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