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Letters to the Editor: 11 October, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Begging has become a lucrative business

Begging has become a profession in most metropolitan cities and the tale of a beggar who left behind Rs 10 lakhs with a nominee named in his bank account should act as an eye-opener. Begging has become a lucrative business and some prefer to beg than work for a livelihood. We are encouraging begging by giving money and one should rather help the needy in kind like giving them food and medicines than cash which is either saved or spent on addictive habits like alcohol as well as cigarettes.

Government should open orphanage and old age homes for the needy. People too can donate directly to these homes to help government in this noble cause. Begging infact should be banned and those who are handicapped without income should be shifted to these homes for shelter and food. Easy money discourage people to work which is the reason why begging has become a lucrative business!

S.N. Kabra


Is our money safe in banks?

Who said our money is safe in banks? It is not. Banks looting customers have become a common sight nowadays. The PMC Bank did not have a better audit system hence they incurred heavy losses. Poor customers. They now have to bear the brunt.

Jubel D’Cruz


One Rupee Clinic

The popular  “one rupee clinic ” which functions at important railway stations in the Mumbai region of the central and western railways  has again found it’s place in the news and the hearts of railway commuters as recently it helped a pregnant woman passenger deliver a baby in an emergency situation. These clinics that function at railway stations in the region has helped save many a lives before too.
The Central Railway introduced the concept of such clinics at its major stations two years back in the wake of accidents and health problems happening suddenly to passengers. The doctors provide consultation at a charge of Re 1 and the clinics have  already been appreciated whole heartedly by the public for its dedicated service to commoners. During railway accidents the victim needs immediate medical attention and assistance which due to lack of medical facilities often result in death. As life saving tools and doctors are available 24×7 many number of precious lives have been saved. The clinics also provide medical tests too to commoners at a very affordable rate thereby winning the hearts of the people who now feel safe during rail journeys. This medical service is laudable and the same can be followed in the other railway zones too.

M Pradyu

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