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Letters to the Editor: 12 February, 2020

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Hat-trick for Kejriwal in Delhi

AAP and Arvind Kejriwal are back in power in the National Capital as Kejriwal will sit on the Chief Minister’s chair for the 3rd consecutive time which means it would be an hat-trick for the current CM. Kejriwal was a novice in politics when his first term as CM lasted for a few days but it seems he learnt a lot as a politician in those few days as he virtually looks invincible in Delhi politics by the margin of seats his party has won against all odds. Modi and Amit Shah’s magic works in Parliamentary elections but sadly it fizzles when it comes to assembly polls.

Congress has virtually been wiped out and Kejriwal it seems is a better alternative to Rahul Gandhi when it comes to national politics. Modi as a leader is accepted across the nation but it seems BJP doesn’t have leaders at assembly levels to win elections. BJP has been losing state elections at regular levels and this should be worrisome for Prime Minister Modi as country’s development and progress depends on how all the states contribute towards nation building.


Shun oppression of women

We in India should stop worshipping goddesses like Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati and Kali for we have proved ourselves to be incapable for we no longer respect, give credence and love women. Instead, we ill-treat them, play games with them and given a chance rape them.

Look what happened to Jyoti Singh who along with her male friend were abused and ill treated by six men when they were returning home after watching a movie on that fateful day. Not only that Jyoti was raped by all the six in turns before they dragged her and threw her from the moving bus.

Then there was this case of Ankita Pisudde who was stalked and set ablaze by one Vikesh Nagrale. The outcome was so serious that she had to be hospitalised. And after fighting for long, she succumbed to her injuries two days ago.

Likewise there have several molestation and rapes taking place every day but victims fear to lodge a complaint fearing bad name in the society.

My query is why a woman should suffer because of the hungry deeds of a man.

Ashish Mitra

Maharashtra mayhem

Ever since Maha Vikas Aghadi government took over reins, the state of Maharashtra is in turmoil and now back to back incidents in 36 hours rocked the state. Maharashtra has the dubious distinction of being rocked by two incidents of women being set ablaze at Wardha and Aurangabaad. The law and order situation is going from bad to worse and unless Shiv Sena led government take some punitive action to bring the culprits to books. Setting ablaze hapless women is the order of the day. The women suffer at the hands of goondas and the government is just a sorry spectator. How long such atrocities on women will be committed and they become a slave in front of such assailants. Back to back incidents crippled the state and we condemn such heinous crime against women.

Jayanthi Maniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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