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Letters to the Editor: 13 January, 2019

Kalyan Dombivli in unsafe hands

Every day we hear violence, robbery, abusing/harassing of girls! Will there be any justice for this city is the question that is arising in every mind. This chaos is happening every day and even the Police are not taking any action. Recently, we came across an incident where a man enters into a building and puts the bike on fire and vanished. When a complaint was given against it the answer received from the police was to install a CCTV camera for the future reference of the society. Instead of helping and resolving the problem the police are giving advice. If the society has to install CCTV and catch the culprit then why do we need the Police? The police should not forget their responsibility instead take necessary action against the incident happening in Dombivli-Kalyan city. Else the city will no more be under any rules and regulations.

Nilesh Surve


BEST not the best

BEST is not the best bus in the world or in India as the name suggests. Their drivers and conductors are sometimes rowdy and use filthy abusive languages even to the women commuters travelling by it. The bus drivers never halt the buses at the actual bus stops, in spite of them being empty at times. Most drivers also never leave their buses in time from the starting point (depot); they are always late. Sometimes, one has to wait for more than an hour to board a bus and when they do arrive, they are overcrowded. This is the reason why most people prefer to travel by metro or rely on share-a-cab or auto-rickshaw services. Some bus conductors also never return the change in spite of having lots of coins with them. The BEST fares have also increased tremendously making it difficult for the common man to travel by them.

Jubel D’Cruz


Cong- NCP pre-poll alliance on cards

Calling shots, Congress party is trying to woo NCP to join the mega alliance to upset the applecart. Both the parties are not doing well at the state level and the Municipal elections gave a clear indication with BJP and Sena taking lion’s share of holding power in the municipalities. Even the Mayor post is not going their way as BJP is well prepared to assume their supremacy in the state. Further meet may decide consensus over 40 seats and try their best to resolve the rest in an attempt to come back to power. Smaller parties may get only left out seats in the bargain. This time around, NCP is seeking parity and it is an encouraging development. Even lawyer like Ujjwal Nikam is likely to contest for NCP and the fight will be tough in two corner contests. The key parties NCP and Congress are also in the process of a coalition with smaller parties and make sure about a collaboration they have agreed to allocate more Lok Sabha seats to smaller parties to woo them. The alliance is on the cards but how far it will succeed in BJP’s heartland, is an open question.

Calicut Krishnan Subramaniam


Nirmala Sitharaman is right?

The Defence Minister Nirmala Seetharaman came out in open to answer the questions raised by the Opposition on Rafale controversy. She also asserted that the Rafale deal cannot be equated with the Bofors issue at all as was being attempted by the Opposition. Sitharaman said that the weapon systems, avionics, and other key add-ons to the Rafale aircraft will be much superior in comparison to what was negotiated by the UPA.

The charges of Congress appear as though the pot is calling the kettle black. The age-old party was involved in many scams and now trying to point out the fingers even for no scam.

Anandambal Subbu


Standardise paper-sizes

Presently A-4 size paper (29.5 cms x 21 cms) is the most commonly used size of paper-sheets. All photocopiers used in homes and offices are mostly equipped to handle this size of paper-sheets only. But there is a distinct size of legal paper-sheets for filing and use in courts which are 5 cms longer at 34.5 cms x 21 cms. Courts should do away with British-era practice, and allow only A-4 size paper-sheets till the Union government works out for a newly standardised paper-size based on metric units. Rather concept of legal-size paper should be altogether abolished. The system will be user-friendly and people will not have to rush outside for photo-copying bigger sized legal-papers presently used and allowed in courts. However, colour-code of paper to be used in courts can be different like green is used in Madras High Court. It is for Supreme Court or Chief Justice of India to do away with such anti-public colonial practice of having exclusive legal-size paper for courts.

The Union government should take up the matter with concerned international authorities to have standard usable paper-sheets in square form like 25 cms x 25 cms instead of present practice of having rectangular paper-sheets. Such square-sheets were quite common for bank-ledgers before computerisation. However, if rectangular paper-sheets are to be continued, then their size should be modified according to true metric-units say 30 cms x 20 cms. Even computer-stationary used at dot-matrix printers should also have usable size (without perforation) as that of standard paper-sheets.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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