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Letters to the Editor: 13 November, 2019

letters to the editor, afternoon voice,T N Seshan: A great reformer

If today our electoral system stands one among the best and a model to be followed the credit definitely goes to late T N Seshan a pioneer who confidently put things right on the electoral picture. The daring IAS officer marked a niche of his own in the hearts of the citizens. Whenever an election is held – be it assembly or parliament – the face that appear in the mind of the generation of the 1990s and after is that of T N Seshan. The reforms set by  the greatest of Election commissioner the country has ever seen are many – introducing voters ID, election code of conduct, restrictions on election expenditure, restrictions of  sale  of liquor during election time, restrictions on using the name of religion and caste during campaigning, prohibition of religious institutions canvassing for candidates, restrictions of usage of fund during campaigning and many other strict laws in a way and to a maximum paved way for neat and clean election. If today Election Commission and the chiefs at the helm have a voice of their own it’s because of this great person who was an epitome of honesty, integrity and transparency.

M Pradyu


Abandon JNU and establish new University

Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi has gained notoriety for regular and frequent anti-national and anti-social activities from time to time resulting in severe law and order problems. It is surprising how even teachers with political motives of a particular ideology get appointed at this institute set up and run at high public-cost as compared to other universities in the country.

It was totally unjustified to continue providing costly hostel-facilities to JNU students at nominal rather negligible fees of just Rs 10 per month which after decades has now been raised to only Rs 300 per month on twin-sharing basis. Agitating students unnecessarily confused public by mentioning Rs 1700 per month now imposed as service-charge for so many facilities as per actual cost as if JNU authorities imposed some type of service-tax.

Best is to abandon JNU in its existing form and instead utilise huge premises and available resources for setting up an altogether new institute for higher studies under a new name after say great educationist former President of India Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who also happened to be first Vice President of India ensuring that anti-national and anti-social elements may not be able to be recruited as teachers or admitted as students.

Madhu Agrawal


Avoid stubble burning

The Punjab Chief Minister has suggested an incentive of Rs 100 per quintal of stubble to farmers, hoping it would encourage them to shun stubble burning. If this is implemented, it will be disastrous for national economy. Rather, the Chief Minister should have suggested alternatives for stubble disposal. The agriculture department can play an important role in getting rid of this social evil. Farmers, too, should be sensitive to the health of their fellow beings. Public representatives can play a positive role in this hour of emergency by motivating farmers not to burn stubble.

Md Arif

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