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Letters to the Editor: 15 January, 2020

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Blast at Palghar

At least seven persons were killed in a huge explosion at a chemical factory at Boisar in Maharashtra’s Palghar district and it was one more fire disaster in the state. Boisar is over 100 km away from Mumbai. The under-construction plant of Ank Pharma, where the explosion took place at an enormous proportion caused death and burn injuries. The blast took place during testing of certain chemicals was severe and was heard up to 15 kms from the blast spot. Even window panes of some of the residential areas in the vicinity were broken in the impact of the blast. The impact was so severe that the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was called for assistance and rescue operation. It is one more case of serial fire in the state that is causing loss to human lives and property.

Nikhil Akhilesh Krishnan

Demolition of high rises sets a precedent

The demolition of the high rises in Kochi’s Maradu complying to the Supreme Court’s order as these were built violating the coastal regulation zone rules, is an eye opener and a warning to the local administration, the state machinery and the various stakeholders  who ignored nature and believed that  political influence, power and money can get them everything. What they forgot was that law and justice is above everything. This is a lesson meant for all cities, states, nations and mankind in general.

It was indeed an overwhelming sight to watch such huge skyscrapers that rose to the sky with so much of human energy and labour, time and wealth raised to the ground in seconds. At the same time along with the flattening of these concrete monster’s Nature in the guise of law and justice has taught humans lessons to be learnt in depth and to pass the same to generations to come. The lessons are- never to violate rules and regulations and rules and it can’t be amended according to anybody’s wish and will. Laws and restrictions cannot be taken for granted. I would like to opine that this demolition episode will be fully complete only when the corrupt officials, the politicians, the builders and many others who were behind this illegal construction are brought under law and punished.

M Pradyu

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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