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Letters to the Editor: 17 July, 2019

ISRO cautious

It was a moment the country waited with bated breath but it came into cropper as ISRO postpones second moon mission at the eleventh hour. India’s second mission to the Moon, Chandrayaan 2 on board GSLV Mk-III dubbed as Bahubali scheduled for take-off was aborted as there was a technical snag. It was a wise decision by ISRO which prevented a huge loss and total disappointment. The failed mission may cause disappointment but the measure taken as caution came at the right time. The crestfallen spectators left the scene in total disappointment after the postponement.

Nikhil Krish


Review tie breaker match rules

The recently concluded World Cup Cricket tournament’s final tie breaker game has thrown up few confusing questions. Though England were declared as the winners owing to the outcome of superior number of boundaries scored at the time of a tied super over, there seems to be some discontent regarding the basis of declaration of winners for the title in a tied game.

The overthrow controversy of six runs during super over and ICC‘s rule of 19.3 regarding overthrows needs to be rectified through a formal announcement by ICC, of late. The teams, critics and cricket fraternity are still unconvinced the way the winners were declared in the first ever world cup tie breaker post the super over match. As also the argument of joint winner declaration in case of a tie though valid will steer away the real excitement of seeing a single claimant to the world cup title.

It is high time now that the ICC sets aside clear instructions to declare a winner on the basis of performance metrics as made available than going by archaic rule of superior boundaries or on the basis of  a superior over, especially in crucial matches during finals. It is now important for the ICC to amend necessary rules to declare the tie match results in favour of only a high net run rate scoring teams amongst other frameworks and clear the air of confusion to cricket fans. The archaic Duckworth Lewis method of calculating runs during a weather affected match too needs an immediate overhaul by the experts aided by ICC.

Varun Dambal


Congratulations England but New Zealand won the hearts

Kudos to England for winning the World Cup but New Zealand won the hearts of one and all. It was technical win for England as 4 gifted runs for no fault from the Kiwis helped them tie the game but New Zealand were the real heroes in a game that went to the wire where even a super over had no winners but the Englishmen were awarded the trophy due to more number of boundaries scored which one thought was a strange law and sharing the trophy would have been an fair result.

New Zealand deserved not just the trophy but also the ‘Fair Play Award‘ as they accepted their technical defeat with grace without making a fuss which truly was commendable. This was perhaps the closest World Cup final in the history of the game and full marks to both the teams for a game that was full of nerves till the last ball of the tournament. New Zealand born Ben Stokes was responsible for Kiwis defeat but even he knew that his country of birth deserved to win a game they lost by bad fortune. Kiwis captain Kane Williamson was rightly awarded the player of the tournament for his brilliant performance and captaincy.

S.N. Kabra


Measures necessary to prevent misuse of RTI Act

RTI Act should be saved by preventing it from misuse. RTI fees should be uniform for all states and competent authorities at rupees fifty that may include copying charges for first twenty copied pages of documents for saving to both public-authorities and portioners on demanding and remitting copying charges, but eliminating non-serious RTI petitioners because of a negligible fee of just rupees ten. People in BPL category are already exempted from paying RTI fees.

To prevent RTI applications being filed under fake names, ID proof should be compulsorily enclosed with RTI application in tune with para 23 of verdict dated November 2, 2012 in the matter-Fruit and Vegetable Union versus Unknown (CWP 4787 of 2011).

Repeated CIC-recommendations for issue of RTI stamps in denominations of Rs 2, 10 and 50 should be accepted to prevent heavy government-spending in handling postal-orders generally used to pay RTI fees.

Provision of auto e-mailing of RTI responses and orders of First Appellate Authority on applications filed on-line should be there apart from uploading on on-line portal.

Post-free RTI applications addressed to central public-authorities should be extended to all 160000 post-offices rather than just about 4500 post offices presently. It is not difficult because every post-office however small it may be, daily sends post-bag to Head Post Office with registered post, cash and unsold revenue-articles. This post-bag can carry post-free RTI applications received at the post-office.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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