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Letters to the Editor: 17 October, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Regulation of NGOs necessary

Intelligence Bureau’s report indicated about misuse of Indian NGO’s for any anti-national agenda by foreign-contributors where it was revealed that India’s GDP has been adversely affected to big extent of 2-3 percent through such foreign-funding to NGOs. Many NGOs are said to have been funded for cultural evasion in India. Foreign-funded NGOs spend in rupees and receive funds in dollars by sending these foreign-contributors exaggerated photos and videos of events dramatised to get huge foreign-funding. Many NGOs are tools to divert foreign-funds of individuals.

Siphoning of government-funds for NGOs run by influential ones in political and bureaucratic circles in name of their family-members should be prevented by stopping any kind of direct or indirect funding of NGOs at public-expense including from funds at discretion of Parliamentarians and state-legislators. These NGOs pay lucrative salaries and perks to its officers who are either relation to power-filled politicians and bureaucrats, or of persons running these NGOs. Buildings built on land allotted on concessional rates to NGOs should become government-property because of large-scale funding already done to these NGOs by the government. According to a study-report, India has an NGO for every 400 citizens, where these institutions are mainly used as some business-shops by those ‘owning’ these! Any provision of tax-exemption for ‘donations’ made to NGOs should be abolished. However in the meanwhile all NGOs should be under purview of ‘Right-To-Information’ (RTI) Act and also of Lokpal.

Madhu Agrawal


Reserve Bank of India should issue gold and silver coins 

Several private companies both Indian and foreign are making huge profits by marketing gold and silver coins by selling these at exorbitant prices with photos of celebrities (like Sachin Tendulkar) and Hindu gods and goddesses (like Lord Ganesha) embossed on these coins. Reserve bank of India (RBI) and Union Finance Ministry should take immediate steps to stop sale of such profit-making coins in gold or silver. Gold and silver coins issued in British regime are available in plenty as duplicates because of their popularity as auspicious and gift items even though fabrication of fake gold and silver coins is crime.

Union government should take steps to counter the menace. RBI can issue official 24-carat gold in Rs 25000 denominations with weight of 5 gms. in tamperproof numbered plastic-packing to avoid fake coins. Face value of coins can be increased with rise in gold-price. Likewise pure silver coins of 10 gms can be issued in denomination of Rs 1000.

Only RBI should be authorised to issue round-shaped gold and silver coins (commemorative ones) to be easily available through all RBI offices, select branches of public-sector banks and post-offices. System will be net revenue earning for Union government because suggested plastic-packed coins will never come in actual circulation.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Parks are our oxygen chambers

All cities and towns have small or big parks. Public parks serve not only as a place to relax but also to remind people about the importance of flora and fauna and the need to protect the environment. Though most of our cities and towns have parks how many of these are well maintained? Well the less said the better. Let us not forget that these parks -big or small are in fact the lungs of a city. Not only do these cute little lush green spots  serve  as  a relaxation hub  for the elderly and the young but are spots that provide fresh air in a polluted urban atmosphere. A study into the parks of our cities will give us a shocking revelation in how much the authorities concerned give importance to the parks. Most of the parks turn out into wasteland and dumping yards due to lack of maintenance, negligence and sheer ignorance by the local bodies.
Some of the parks sadly are put in the hit list as corporations and municipal bodies plan to convert them into shopping malls and other concrete monsters. The parks in most of the cities, once aplenty with lush green trees, flowers, play areas for kids today have become public urinal spots and at night haunted by pimps and drug pushers. If local municipal authority is unable to maintain then let them hand over these spots to companies and organisations who are ready to take up the maintenance of these parks. The residents, young and old, also have to take part in the maintenance of parks. Let us not forget that these green treasures are the bridge connecting us to mother nature and serving as oxygen chambers in an otherwise highly polluted environment.

M Pradyu

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