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Letters to the Editor: 25 December, 2019

letters to the editor, afternoon voice,What is in a statue?

Shiv Sena has revived it’s demand for life-size statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj outside CSMT building which one feels is unwarranted under the present circumstances. What is in a statue and we should follow the principles of Shivaji Maharaj than bother about his statue being installed outside CSMT. Politicians across the country themselves don’t follow on the footsteps of great leaders but want their statues installed for vote bank politics or to please some section of society for vested interest. Maharashtra State is cash strapped and many farmers are committing suicide. Let us spend money on schemes that help farmers or other infrastructure development for progress than worry about statues of leaders who are already in our heart and on our minds.

Statue or other road or project naming should be done away with and only focus should be on the development of the country in general and Maharashtra in particular.

S.N. Kabra


Railways should focus on customer satisfaction

The recent decision to restructure the Railway Board into an apex body known as Indian Railway Management Services headed by a CEO is welcome. It is ironic that the railways is undergoing such change since 114 years of its inception and it also took such a long time since Indian independence to undergo such a massive restructure. The new apex body will now be headed by CEO, aided by four departmental heads for infrastructure, rolling stock, finance and operations and business development and a separate DG of Human Resources. As also the new apex body will include experts from the industry to provide strategic advice to the Board.

Further the Railways should focus on quality and customer satisfaction extensively by creating a separate wing. Quality and customer satisfaction is often the most neglected aspect affecting its passengers. Quality focus to improve its services by bringing in best practices and adopting global standard in its operations will help Railways outshine within itself. As also a deep focus passengers requirement leading to customer satisfaction should otherwise be the motto of the organization and hence a Customer focus oriented wing is highly essential. The Railways surge towards 2020 with such a massive restructuring will thus help to retain its brand identity whilst focusing to cater to niche areas.

Varun Dambal

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