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Letters to the Editor: 25 October, 2019

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The spirits of the people on the eve of Diwali is down and with economical slow down it is at its lowest ebb. With wet Diwali predicted in the city people will find it hard to celebrate the festivities in a grand way. The crackers will be wet if the moisture continue to keep the people away. The post monsoon rains may upset our Diwali plans as already the spirits are dying down.

C.K.S. Maniam 


Importance of NOTA calls for increased effectiveness

Non-Of-The-Above (NOTA) is becoming popular day-by-day with two assembly constituencies in Maharashtra namely Latur (rural) and Palus Kadegaon witnessing NOTA emerging second after the winning candidate. Large fall-down of voter-turnout and increased vote-share for NOTA in recently held assembly-elections for Haryana and Maharashtra establishes that common people are fed up with present type of professional politicians and political system.

All those getting votes less than NOTA should be disqualified for life to contest any future election even though any second-runner after NOTA wins the election. Such a provision will have multiple advantages to pave way for clean politics. Political parties will be compelled to field good candidates rather than professional politicians having lost public-support. Nuisance caused by non-serious candidates becoming vote-slitter will be auto-checked where a vast majority of 86-per cent candidates in 2019-elections to Lok Sabha lost security-deposits.

Also a sitting MLA, MLC or MP must resign first from earlier seat before filing nomination for other. An MP may automatically lose membership of Parliament on taking oath as minister in a state. Likewise any state-legislator may lose membership on taking oath as minister at the centre. Legislators in states and centres may be disqualified for contesting elections for life in case of mid-term resignation from the legislative body. State-legislators and Parliamentarians must not be allowed to hold membership of civic bodies in tune with one-person one-post norm. Likewise elected representatives must not be allowed to hold party-posts simultaneously.

Madhu Agrawal

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