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Letters to the Editor: 27 May, 2019

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FEATURE LETTER DIARY 679x400 e1553672678487Smriti Irani dethrones Rahul in home turf

Smriti Irani was the Player of the tournament in this year’s Lok Sabha elections as she defeated Prime Ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi in his own den with a massive margin to almost finishing the reign of the Gandhi from the political scene. Her win even overshadowed the landslide victory of NDA in this year’s elections and congratulations to her. Failure is the stepping stone to success and Smriti proved that one can achieve your goals if you pursue them with honesty and hard work.

Voters in India have become intelligent and today elect candidates who work for people’s interest and constituency. Smriti Irani looked after Amethi in spite of losing 2014 elections while Rahul never visited his constituency in spite of being elected from there for two terms. The writing was on the wall and this is a lesson for others as well to not neglect the people who voted them to power!

S.N. Kabra


Carry fire audit of commercial complexes

The main reason for the fire in busy commercial complexes is that no fire audit is carried out for high rise buildings, which includes coaching classes, hotels and hospitals. Current statistics of deaths and injuries, in relation to fires, prove to be alarming and increasing more frequently. Given these rates and information, it is necessary to know the importance of fire prevention and tips. Fire Audit on high rise and more so in commercial buildings should be done periodically to get the best feedback and minimise major fire. Since the major reason for the fire is a short circuit,  it is highly dangerous unless we have safety measures in place to avoid major fires in main cities.

Nikhil Akhilesh 


Modi, the tsunami

Congress president Rahul Gandhi addressed the most honest Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, the selfless ‘chowkidar’ of India as ‘chor’ nearly in all his rallies. This gentleman forgot very conveniently that he and his Italian mother has already stashed trillions of rupees and US dollars in so many banks in India and abroad. Such anti-national people are known as ‘chor’ in India. Which sensible voter will ever vote for the most corrupt Congress and its ‘netas’ Rahul ‘Gandhi’ and Sonia ‘Gandhi’? This mom and son duo tried day and night to save Robert Vadra, the land plot thief. Even the young and smart sister Priyanka Gandhi also could not spread any magic. But undoubtedly, ‘Modi magic’ is intact. The time has also proved that there is no ‘Modi wave.’ Modi is the tsunami

Hansraj Bhat


By-elections criminal waste of public money

 It refers to unnecessary and costly by-elections caused because of 49 sitting MLAs and four Rajya Sabha members having been elected for the new Lok Sabha. By-elections also become necessary in case a candidate wins from two constituencies of both for Lok Sabha and state assembly. Such by-elections are a criminal waste of public money because of faulty poll-laws not refined even after seven decades.

At least basic poll-reforms should be immediately done whereby any sitting MP or MLA must resign from the earlier seat within say three days of election-notification so that by-election for the vacated seat may be simultaneously held with general elections. Since a person cannot represent two constituencies at a time or can be a member of both Parliament and state-legislature simultaneously, a person must not be allowed to contest from more than one constituency or for both Lok Sabha and state assembly. Also a sitting MP on being appointed a minister in state-assembly (and vice-versa) must automatically lose membership of the earlier House.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Regulation of NGOs necessary

Intelligence Bureau’s report indicated about the misuse of Indian NGO’s for any anti-national agenda by foreign-contributors where it was revealed that India’s GDP has been adversely affected to the big extent of 2-3 per cent through such foreign-funding to NGOs. Many NGOs are said to have been funded for cultural evasion in India. Foreign-funded NGOs spend in rupees and receive funds in dollars by sending these foreign-contributors exaggerated photos and videos of events dramatised to get huge foreign-funding. Many NGOs are tools to divert foreign-funds of individuals.

Siphoning of government-funds for NGOs run by influential ones in political and bureaucratic circles in name of their family members should be prevented by stopping any kind of direct or indirect funding of NGOs at public-expense including from funds at the discretion of Parliamentarians and state-legislators. These NGOs pay lucrative salaries and perks to its officers who are either related to power-filled politicians and bureaucrats or of persons running these NGOs. Buildings built on land allotted on concessional rates to NGOs should become government-property because of large-scale funding already done to these NGOs by the government. According to a study-report, India has an NGO for every 400 citizens, where these institutions are mainly used as some business-shops by those ‘owning’ these! Any provision of tax-exemption for ‘donations’ made to NGOs should be abolished. However, in the meanwhile all NGOs should be under the purview of ‘Right-To-Information’ (RTI) Act and also of Lokpal.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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