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Letters to the Editor: 28 February, 2020

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,

The national capital burning is cause for concern

Nobody seems to be bothered about the saddening events occurring in Delhi which has resulted in several deaths as well as loss of hundreds of crores to public property. Prime Minister was busy entertaining his US friend as President Donald Trump enjoyed our hospitality but unceremoniously rewarded Indians by calling Pakistan his friend from our very shores which was disheartening.

Delhi CM is simply not bothered to tackle the violence so that the blame game can be shifted on the Centre and vice versa. A few anti- CAA hired activists has put the entire nation to ransom and those supporting CAA too have no business to fight the activists which is the job of the police. Politicians have no business to divide the nation on the basis of castes and the highest court of the country should intervene if things go out of hand. Coronavirus Impact would be deadly on world economy and it is time to unite to fight the epidemic collectively rather than wasting our energies as well as resources on communal violence that serves none.


CAA may render Muslims stateless

More than 39 people have been killed in the Delhi riots that erupted in the capital city during last five days between demonstrators and supporters of CAA and NRC. The sheepish silence of Modi government is making things worse. The fascist regime of India has turned the capital city into a battleground where the Muslims are assaulted, killed and their properties are being looted, ransacked, burnt and plundered.

The world’s largest democracy is breaking down swiftly, allowing the demons of Hindutva to come out and overpower every sane person of India. India must revisit its strategy to overcome these riots, lest it will become too late and the country will be engulfed in flames of prejudice and hatred. United Nation should intercede and stop India’s barbaric extremists from crushing over 300 Muslims who are right now at the mercy of eccentric majority.

Wisdom and sagacity does not appear to prevail in this atmosphere of clash and extinction. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi has requested that army may be called in the city to control the situation as life of innocent Muslims is at stake. OIC should also take notice of this planned murder of Muslims and stop India from Muslims’ genocide.

Jubel D’Cruz

IRCTC should provide information about retiring rooms

Indian Railways provides the facility of online retiring room booking for the benefit of transit and overnight passengers. IRCTC website displays the list of places/stations where the facility of online booking is made available. The website however does not provide any details related to type of accommodation available, amenities, facilities etc provided in the retiring room for the benefit of transit passengers. A passenger is thus forced to make manual enquiry at railway station to know the accommodation details while ironically one has to book retiring rooms through online mode only.

Non availability of details thus causes inconvenience to many passengers intending for an overnight stay at retiring rooms through online booking mode. The same should otherwise be made available with details related to facilities and type of accommodation provided in all the retiring rooms across Indian Railway network for online booking. IRCTC is thus requested to provide the comprehensive list of all the retiring rooms with facilities on its website,for the benefit of its overnight and transit passengers.

Varun Dambal

Snake bites touch a new high

It was disheartening to note that animal bites in Maharashtra state is touching a new high. The reason for so many deaths due to snake bites is that the state is having a four month period of monsoon and the water logging in several places lead to the sighting of snakes in the city and suburbs. In all, there were 42,086 cases of snake bites in 2018-19. As the snake bite is poisonous and there is no proper medical care, the victim die after a struggle. But human life is lost in such bites and Maharashtra stands third in the list of deaths occurred due to these bites.

Abhisheck R. Swamy

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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