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Letters to the Editor: 29 January, 2020

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Weekly holiday in markets of Delhi should be uniform

It refers to Financial Capital Mumbai having adopted system of 24×7 opening of markets and malls. Already Mumbai had a system of uniform weekly off day for all markets to be on Sunday. But Capital City Delhi still continues with haphazard system for weekly offs where different markets are adopting different weekly-off days confusing everyone especially large number of visitors coming daily to Delhi.

It is ideal is to have uniform weekly off day on Sunday. But at least system should be adopted in Delhi whereby all those markets remaining open on Sundays should be uniformly closed on Saturdays. Outsiders coming to Delhi will be sure of opening of all markets for first five working days of the week. Shopkeepers and their employees will have at least one common weekly holiday with government employees under five-day week system in government offices. However shops of essential services like barbers, flour-mills etc may have Tuesday as common weekly holiday. When Mumbai can follow uniform weekly-off on Sunday without any problem, Delhi can at least step for optional off on Sunday or Saturday.

To achieve greater efficiency, all offices should have a longer pre-lunch session of four hours, like in public-sector banks. Offices having limited public-dealing hours will thus find greater pre-lunch session for public-dealing leaving a shorter but hindrance-free post-lunch session exclusively for office-work.

Peak-hour traffic-rush in Delhi and adjoining areas of National Capital Region – NCR, can and should be divided by having different starting hours for different institutions. For example educational institutions can start at 8.30 am, banks at 9.00 am, government-offices at 9.30 am, private-offices at 10 am, courts at 10.30 am, and shops at 11 am. Haryana government likewise has scattered working hours for different industries in Manesar to tackle peak-hour traffic-rush at Delhi Gurgaon Expressway.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

More steps necessary to revive Sanskrit

It refers to welcome decision of Indian Railways to adopt Sanskrit as third language in Uttarakhand wherein names of railway-stations will be in Sanskrit also under three-language formula. Already NDA government at the centre during its earlier tenure in the year 2014 had decided to make Sanskrit the only choice as third language removing German as an alternative when even Germany like many other countries realised importance of Sanskrit.

Media reports also indicate about NASA (USA) having launched Mission-Sanskrit programme so that world’s ancient language which is full of hidden treasure of literature and advanced-most technology, may also be effectively utilised as a language of computer and space-technology. Media-reports also indicate that Sanskrit has already been introduced as a language in nursery classes in USA.

Chanting of Vedic hymns in state-assemblies of USA and countries is also becoming a regular trend. Sanskrit is the originating language for many modern Indian languages, and is enriched with valuable treasure in its ancient books which if analysed and studied can perhaps provide much more advanced studies in various fields including technology and medical science. Advanced study of Ayurveda is rather necessity of time for medical research which can be only through ancient Sanskrit literature.

Technological advances of ancient Ramayana or Mahabharat age are lying hidden in Sanskrit literature. At a time when western countries are realising importance of Sanskrit, it is time that Indian government may set up a separate Ministry for development and research in Sanskrit to explore hidden treasure of literature and medical science in the ancient language. Need is rather for encouraging study and use of Sanskrit at global level with aid of UNESCO in large interest of mankind not only in India but worldwide in other countries too.

Madhu Agrawal

Right decision by Delhi Court

It is good to hear that the Delhi Court modified its previous order granting bail to Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad, allowing him to visit Delhi for medical and election purpose. I am sure that the court’s decision would further strengthen the public confidence in judiciary. It will be worthwhile to say that it is victory of the Constitution while power-drunk BJP government is trying to divide the country. Government also wants to stop people from expressing their thoughts about CAA because they know best way that public opinion can make and mar government.

M Hasan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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