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Letters to the Editor: 29 September, 2019

letters to the editor, afternoon voice,‘One nation, One language’ approach does not ensure harmony

Union Home Minister Amit Shah could’ve easily avoided the controversy of what he said. Now, after a backlash from the Southern States of India where Hindi is not compulsory, he says, he had no intention of making Hindi a compulsory language throughout India. Without thinking twice, his  hasty decision and later regretting it, looks very ludicrous. While it is important to preserve our national language, a dogmatic imposition of it on non-Hindi speaking States is not likely to unite the masses. The ‘One nation, One language’ approach does not ensure harmony at all. Also, Hindi is not the national language of India; it is just an official language.

Jubel D’Cruz


Air India does not honour suggestion-portal on website of Prime Minister

Suggestions titled –Delayed but step in right direction that Air India stops meals in short-duration flights to cut expenses– were posted on website of Prime Minister with registration-number PMOPG-E-2018-0374249 in the category SUGGESTIONS-FEEDBACK. But CPIO (Deputy General Manager – Finance) Manoj Kumar at Air India in response dated July 17, 2019 seeking information on taken on these suggestions turned down the request by saying that suggestions are in the negative list of filing of Public Grievances.

Still more shocking was the attitude of First Appellate Authority FAA (Executive Director – Finance) Anil Mittal who dismissed First Appeal without even going through grounds of First Appeal and checking website of Prime Minister that Suggestions-Feedback was an exclusive feature of website of Prime Minister.

Senior ones at Air India should take cognizance of the matter, and direct both FAA and CPIO to be careful in future while passing appeal-orders and responding to RTI applications. They should also be directed to provide working-sheets on suggestions posted under registration-number PMOPG-E-2018-0374249 on website of Prime Minister.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Pune floods

Pune suffered one of the worst rain in a decade and within a matter of four hours the city was submerged with flash floods causing a havoc and the loss of human life which followed in the aftermath of heavy showers. A practical approach to the problems and the past experience in dealing with such ticklish situation will be utilised to make sure that human life is not lost due to the negligence of PMC.  Time runs fast but it is not too late to do a world of good to the welfare of the people with timely measures taken even at the eleventh hour to save human lives.  Human life is precious and PMC should act thick and fast to find a remedy. Disaster management fell short in the IT city and it was a most horrible situation in a matter of time.

Nikhil Mani

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