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Letters to the Editor: April 5, 2019

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Why not wind up BSNL?

It is a matter of concern that public-sector BSNL is running under heavy losses and now it is planning for VSNL of its employees after the public-sector company failed to pay regular salaries to its staff. It is surprising that while private players like JIO are earning profits even after offering economical tariffs, BSNL is not able to retain or increase its client-base thus turning BSNL as a loss-generating company for public-exchequer.

BSNL should be better wound up like some very popular public-sector companies of earlier times HMT and IDPL. The Central government should also study how public-sector companies run at heavy losses to the tune of their winding-up while shares of private companies in the same field witness regular jumps indicating heavy profits. Rather public-sector companies with all government-support and not required to pay under-table payments like evil usually necessary for private operators.

Madhu Agrawal


Extend wishes on ‘Gudhi Padwa’ only in your mother tongue

New Year wishes are extended on the occasion of ‘Gudhi Padwa’ through SMS, social media or on meeting in person, by saying ‘Happy Gudhi Padva’. Very few people wish by saying ‘Shubha Gudhi Padva’ or ‘Gudhi Padvyachya Hardik Shubhechha’, ‘Gudhipadava ki Hardik Shubhakamanaye’ in their own mother tongue. Why do we extend wishes in English at our festivals? Why don’t we wish each other in our mother tongue? Why do we feel awkward to use mother tongue? Will we be able to do justice to our mother tongue if we are not extending even our wishes in our mother tongue? Few people say that sentiments should reach the other person let it be any language. There is no easier medium than own mother tongue for expressing feelings. Still, wrong thoughts are pampered. Let us make a resolution on the auspicious day of ‘Gudhi Padwa’ for discarding such wrong thoughts. People have a general feeling that ‘Gudhi Padwa’ is the Marathi New Year; but, ‘Gudhi Padwa’ is the first day of Hindu New Year and it is not limited to Marathi people but it is for all Hindus and it needs to be remembered.

Kishor Auti


Social Media and Polls

The upcoming General Elections is under severe shadows of growing social media influence and thus witnessing vigilant regulations under the guise of Model Code of Conduct. Further with the recent appointment of Nodal Officers at State Level to check the spread of fake news over social media, the Election Commission of India(ECI) is now fully geared up to fight the nuisance of fake news. No doubt one acknowledges the earlier move to create a dedicated Media Certification and Monitoring Committee(MCMC), the very quick penetration of information over social media has only compelled ECI to look for further necessary steps to curb the spread of fake news in the best interest to ensure ‘free and fair’ elections.

It is ironical to note that despite enforcing the usage of ‘Voluntary Code of Ethics for the 2019 General Election’, the seamless penetration of information over social media has further resulted ECI to find quick solutions — with the recent appointment of Nodal Officers at state level which comes critically at the eleventh hour ahead of elections.

Further, the ECI should now capitalise the very opportunity of its presence over social media. It can use Social Media to share key messages related to both the need for voter awareness and awareness to curb the spread of fake news under the ambit of Model Code of Conduct. Hence, the ECI can further constitute a new dedicated Social Media Policy Committee and it may be imparted under the aegis of the ECI’s new Social Media Cell. The suggested Social Media Committee may function in a decentralised manner from District to Central level through ‘Down-to-Top-‘ communication approach, as adopted currently.

The suggested move for a new Social Media Committee will not only help the ECI to monitor social media consistently but will also help ensure netizens to keep them consistently engaged through various voter awareness campaigns. Thus help ensure the ECI to strive to achieve complete voter turn through consistent social media presence out during the polling process.

Varun S D


Overlook manifestos!

The political party manifestos before the polls have no meaning as they are tall on promises and short on intentions and forgotten once the elections are over. All Party’s including Congress and BJP travel on the same boat on this score and the parameters to make your vote count should be to judge the candidates you intend to vote on the work the individual has done in your constituency. Many winning candidates would not show their face till the time of next elections which really is a pity in a democratic system where citizens are remembered and pampered only during the election time.

BJP has fallen short on promises they made in 2014 and Congress is making unrealistic promises this time which they could not fulfil in several decades they were in power. However, we need a government all the same at the Centre and citizens should vote for candidates who are honest, hardworking, educated and are active in public welfare programmes irrespective to the political party they belong. The franchise is the only tool citizens have to elect efficient leaders which should be used judicially to make every vote count!


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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