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Letters to the Editor: Aug 10, 2018

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1) Milk procurement price

The retail price of milk has increased in Maharashtra and the procurement price of cow and buffalo milk is increased by Rs 3 per litre. A majority of supply to cities like Mumbai and Pune comes from the cooperative dairies that source it from farmers especially in the western, north and central Maharashtra. Dairy is a side-occupation for a large number of farmers. Increasing the procurement price of milk was one of the demands of the farmers’ outfits that went on the strike, a few days ago. Despite having a white revolution in the country as a whole and Maharashtra state, in particular, milk has become dearer. The rise in the procurement price was applicable to the government and cooperative brands and it is time to ensure that all of them abide by the notification. Otherwise, action has to be initiated against six cooperative milk unions to have a uniform price code. There would be no control over the prices of the private brands, but with the 70:30 formula of profit sharing on the card, the retail prices must be brought under control in the future. Let us hope that housewives may not suffer much.

– Jayanthy S. Anandambal


2) Unable to cope up with Dirty Politics

The clamour emerged for the resignation of the Social Welfare minister, Manju Verma, whose husband is accused to have visited the shelter home. It causes the endless anguish that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ruled out her resignation by not bothering the sentiments of culprits, primarily because she belongs to the influential OBC- Kushwahas. From BJP, two OBC leaders have given clean chit to her while two BJP leaders from the upper caste have insisted on her resignation saying that she had tried to hush up the case even after getting the audit report of Tata Institute of Social Science. This whole incident looks like, it is not a matter of crime rather the matter of caste and vote bank. For how long we will cope with this dirty politics?

– Q. Qasmi


3) Polarising figure of Tamil Nadu

No one familiar with human nature would doubt that when a person is alive no one values him as he deserves but after his demise every individual starts giving him respect and tribute. However, what to say about Kalaignar (famous by this name among supporters). Karunanidhi, a politician who served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for five terms, or a writer who made contributions to Tamil literature by writing Tamil novels, stories, plays and multiple volume memoirs. All I can say is that he was a polarising figure of Tamil Nadu. His legacy is the key to understand the Tamil society. I console his family and whole Tamil Nadu and I pay my respect to him.

– Qeyamuddin


4) Raise voice against exploitation

With a heavy heart, I want to say that the situation of our country has become desperate. Because when Karunanidhi passed away, every politician pays respect to him, Twitter was flooded by consoling tweets, this news was published in almost every newspaper’s front page. But when a journalist is expelled out of his channel because of his straightforwardness and honesty, or senior judge is altered to be a junior by power and force, at that very moment ominous silence of the dignitaries and not getting deserving intention and prospective coverage by newspapers reflects the ignominious darkness of our society. In this critical situation, our topmost priority and ethical obligation is that we raise voices against this exploitation and discrimination and for the sake of freedom of expression as per our capacity. As it is well said, “ It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

– Ismail Ansari


5) An innings to feel proud of at Pepsico for Indra Nooyi!

Indra Nooyi’s innings finally comes to an end at Pepsico as she resigned as CEO to make way for some young talent to make the transition smooth in a multinational company that excelled under her leadership in the US. It has been an incredible journey and 24 long memorable years for this women executive from India who made her mark with distinction in the corporate world dominated by men and that too on foreign shores. She opened the gates of employment in the US for job aspirants from India and full marks to her.

It is because of the likes of Indrani Nooyi that Indians are respected globally and Sundar Pichai as we all know heads Google and many others who are in top positions in the multinational companies today. Indra Nooyi should spend her post retirement years in our country and the Government of India should designate her to head some social reform programme that can change and transform the lives of common citizens in our country! Hats off to Indra Nooyi and wishing her good health and happiness in her 2nd innings post retirement!

– S.N.Kabra


6) Need permanent solution without war

It refers to four more army men killed in Kashmir valley by Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. The Union government always assures of fitting reply to Pakistan which often results in some persons of Pakistan-army or militants killed by the Indian army. But such regular counter-attacks in no way prevent more killing of army men.

The only and the best remedy for a permanent solution to Kashmir problem is to repeal articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution to bring Jammu and Kashmir in the national network without any special status. It is a well-known fact that the supporters of Pakistan and militants helping the anti-India forces are present in the Kashmir population. Abolition of article 35A of the Constitution will make such anti-India elements diluted and ineffective.

To counter the political opportunism by opposition parties, the Prime Minister after repealing articles 35A and 370 of the Constitution through an ordinance can surprise the opposition by announcing a snap poll seeking the mandate of people on such drastic action to solve permanently Kashmir problem. Evidently, people will provide a necessary mandate through a massive support if such a step is taken.

– Madhu Agrawal


7) Dalai Lama’s Nehru-Gandhi role – Reality or opportunism?

It refers to Dalai Lama on August 8, 2018, at Sankhali – Goa, making surprising revelations about the role of Nehru and Gandhi on the partition of pre-independence India. Dalai Lama at the time of independence of India was a little kid that too far away in the Tibet, never knowing that one day he will be taking shelter in India and will become an international figure to comment on such issues. His comments may be near the truth, seems to be more opportunist because he did not disclose it during the long regime of Congress in India. Politics apart, the Indian government should query Dalai Lama about the source of his knowledge, and advise him to restrain himself about making such comments because still he remains a refugee in India and must not make political comments.

However, it is a common knowledge that both Gandhi and Nehru were amongst those responsible for the partition of our country in the interest of Nehru. A real fact is that election of deserving Sardar Patel as the first Prime Minister of India was vetoed despite Nehru not getting a single vote by the authorised committee for the purpose. Almost all members of electing body voted in favour of Sardar Patel except one who voted for Acharya Kriplani as per reports on the social media. Although, it remains a big surprise why the present BJP government at the centre continues a political worship of Gandhi rather than replacing his monopolised photos on the currency notes by those of great freedom-fighters like Lala Lajpat Rai, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Udham Singh, Ashfaqulla Khan etc.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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