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Letters to the Editor: Aug 12, 2018

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Imran Khan — the new captain of Pakistan

It has come to the light that Pakistani people are yearning for changes.  Pakistan is a country that has been facing terrorism and poverty for a long time. Considering this situation, Pakistani people have selected a person with the Cricket background where Cricketers are generally known as broad-minded and big-hearted Pakistani people are filled with hopes and excitement that Imran Khan will change Pakistan, bring terrorism to its end and make the country prosper by leaps and bounds. I hope that the relationship between India and Pakistan will be pleasant as Imran Khan has said on the occasion of his triumph — “If India takes a step, I will take two steps”. It will be superb to see in the following days what action Imran Khan takes — whether he will throw the weapon before the army or take plunge against terrorism!

Mod. Saquib Haridwar


Make Section 497 gender-neutral

According to the Section 497, punishing only a married man for adultery and absolving women if they strayed from marriage, is gender discrimination. The saying — “If we punish both, then any cuckold husband can lodge a complaint against the paramour of his wife because he thinks his wife is his property” — is a lame excuse. A wife can also be a cuckold, secondly why a wife should have a paramour? It doesn’t make any sense. I support Centre’s plea and request to the Supreme Court to amend the panel code by making it gender neutral.

Ismail Ansari


Rigorous policing need to stop crime

Bhandup is becoming the den for drug peddlers, murderers and the capital of crimes. Eight murder and 10 attempts to assault cases in one year clearly show the inefficiency and lethargy of the police department. Moreover, because of police failure, Matka Racket is also active and increasing day by day in that area. There is only one key to reduce the rate of crime and that is rigorous policing. Police must take action to prevent any future incidents.



One more BJP’s Victory

The Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election saw the Opposition come close, yet remain firmly away from scoring a victory over the BJP. The electoral outcome reflects the hard political competition and cold arithmetic that marks the landscape ahead of the elections in key states later this year and the Lok Sabha polls in 2019.

Mohd Faheem


Dalai Lama’s Nehru-Gandhi role – Reality or opportunism?

It refers to Dalai Lama on August 8, 2018, at Sankhali – Goa, making surprising revelations about the role of Nehru and Gandhi on the partition of pre-independence India. Dalai Lama at the time of independence of India was a little kid that too far away in the Tibet, never knowing that one day he will be taking shelter in India and will become an international figure to comment on such issues. His comments may be near the truth, seems to be more opportunist because he did not disclose it during the long regime of Congress in India. Politics apart, the Indian government should query Dalai Lama about the source of his knowledge, and advise him to restrain himself about making such comments because still he remains a refugee in India and must not make political comments.

However, it is a common knowledge that both Gandhi and Nehru were amongst those responsible for the partition of our country in the interest of Nehru. A real fact is that election of deserving Sardar Patel as the first Prime Minister of India was vetoed despite Nehru not getting a single vote by the authorised committee for the purpose. Almost all members of electing body voted in favour of Sardar Patel except one who voted for Acharya Kriplani as per reports on the social media. Although, it remains a big surprise why the present BJP government at the centre continues a political worship of Gandhi rather than replacing his monopolised photos on the currency notes by those of great freedom-fighters like Lala Lajpat Rai, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Udham Singh, Ashfaqulla Khan etc.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Probe necessary

Karnataka government is answerable and should order a probe into hefty 8.3 lakh hotel-bill of Hotel Taj West End for a few-hours stay of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister at Bengaluru to attend oath-taking ceremony of Karnataka Chief Minister in May 2018, where the bill includes excessive Rs 2.3 lakhs for food and juices. It is noteworthy that the maximum tariff of the most luxurious suite at the hotel is Rs 35,000 per day.

The political rulers are accommodated at public-cost in costly hotels for such political functions at a time when there are numbers of luxurious guest-houses of governments and their undertakings. The rule should be that political rulers may be accommodated in such state guest-houses rather than unnecessarily burdening public-exchequers for a stay of political rulers. It is otherwise also necessary because state guest-houses with restricted entry are better in view of security aspects.

Madhu Agrawal


Pathetic Mumbai traffic cops

These Mumbai traffic cops keep fining people for no fault of theirs but just to achieve their target. When I complained about the harassment we motorists face at the hands of our traffic policemen, the traffic department did nothing to help me out. Instead, I was abused in filthy Marathi words. One traffic policeman even snatched my mobile phone while I was recording the gaalis (abuses) he gave to a motorist and didn’t give it back to me. This is the reason why India is a backward country.

Jubel D’Cruz


Supreme Court’s rap on rape

Supreme Court questioning the Centre about the action taken on curbing rapes came as shock and it was informed that the girls are getting raped left, right and centre. Rape is about power, violence, intimidation, and humiliation. Attempts to reduce the incidence of rape by controlling the sexual urge of men are bound to be ineffective because they invoke a very shallow and inadequate understanding of rape. There is no doubt that rape is a most heinous crime. Delving into the National Crime record bureau data given a thinking that a woman is raped every 6 hours in the country and it sounds very bad. The Supreme Court also reiterated that the people are paying taxes. People’s money is going into funding these kinds of activities and it is in very bad taste. It is time to curb rape in a peace-loving country like ours.

S Akhilesh Krishnan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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