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Letters to the Editor: December 04, 2018

Public hospitals lack health infrastructure in our country

It was shocking to know that nearly 3.4 lakh emergency patients, including women in labour, heavily pregnant women, victims of road accidents, falls, burns and heart attacks, are shunted from one public hospital to another in only the state of Maharashtra last year. Data from the state’s emergency ambulance service ‘108’ shows this. This lack priority of public hospitals raises the question concerning whether they are motivated by the commission or was unavoidable due to poor primary and secondary health infrastructure. Also, it is a reality that the situation is the same in most of the states of India. So, at first, the government must ensure full equipment of modern basic health infrastructure in public hospitals, because in emergency cases – it becomes a matter of life and death, particularly in the cases of childbirth, road accident, heart attack etc.

– Mohd Faheem

Wrong media-reporting

Indian media is confused in making general public thrilled about new-to-be issued silver-alloy commemorative coin to be issued on December 30, 2018, on occasion of 75th anniversary of tricolour-hoisting by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with 50-percent silver in a coin weighing 35 gms to be available at its face-value of just rupees 75 for silver-content worth approximately rupees 700.

But the bitter fact is that the general public is kept out of such celebrations through the issue of commemorative coins because silver-alloy coins are now not issued to the general public on its face-value. Silver-alloy commemorative coins for the first time after independence was issued on October 2, 1969, to commemorate Gandhi Birth Centenary and were available at face-value of rupees ten at a time when value of silver-content in the coin was much lower than rupees ten. These coins and their coin-sets were issued to general public right from date of issue on October 2, 1969.

The system has now been changed when face-value of silver-alloy coins is much much less than the silver content of the coin, evidently doing away with the system of providing commemorative coins at face-value to general public. System adopted in the year 1969 should be restored by having a face-value of silver-alloy coins higher than the silver content so that these may be made available to general public on face value right from date of issue. Different categories of plastic-packed sets of commemorative coins should be merged by having one single category of Proof-sets with coins of all denominations issued on the occasion abolishing category of uncirculated coin-sets to be available through bank-branches, RBI offices and philatelic centres right from date of issue.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal

Extend deadline

Security and Exchange Board of India SEBI has fixed December 5, 2018, as the date from which shares of companies will not be allowed to be transferred in physical form. But still, there are a very large number of old shareholders who are not aware of SEBI decision. SEBI should extend the deadline till say March 31, 2018, but with regular and adequate media-publicity. Even all companies should be directed to inform individual share-holders to intimate about the decision both in Hindi and English so that aged ones especially may be able to transfer their holdings in physical form to their near ones or sell without requiring the cumbersome procedure of Dematerialization DEMAT of shares. DEMAT accounts must have compulsory nomination unless in joint names with DEMAT accounts allowed only in banks and public-sector companies like Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited to avoid frauds through private depository-participants.

All companies should also be directed to put on the website – details of shareholders who have not got shares dematerialized. Companies should also be directed to transfers regularly updated details of shareholders along with their holdings and unclaimed dividends to Investor Education Protection Fund IEPF of Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Also, IEPF should follow the same by putting such regularly updated details on its website. IEPF should revert back share-holdings and dividends in a time-bound period of lodging claim. Presently such revert-backs are not done despite repeated visits to IEPF office at Jeevan Vihaar Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi where the excuse is given about inadequate staff to deal with heavy incoming of postal-articles daily.

– Madhu Agrawal

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