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Letters to the Editor: December 27, 2018

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When tall promises fall flat! 

Leaders make tall promises during elections, hoping that they can get away with some excuse or the other after they have got elected or the matter would end there if they lose.  It was precisely such promises that have landed the BJP in trouble at the Centre. After just a few months, the  upcoming election is about to be held, and the BJP has again started to make tall promises  in different ways to the people  and make pretence to get votes from the public just like the last election. The people, however, have become fully aware of its false promises and deceivableness. As citizens of India, we all are also responsible now that the ball in our court and everything is in our hands. So, we should think about this matter accordingly and select our leaders who will be perfect to provide leadership and governance.

Finally, it is my hearty request to the people that they never waste their valuable votes by voting the wrong party, and avoid selecting the deceiving leaders who just make tall promises and don’t fulfill it, and doesn’t care  about the new generation and their education and then only will our society be at peace. Otherwise, we will lose everything in our short lives.

MD  Sayeed  Nadwi  FY


Central govt. should punish hooligans

A group of 1984 anti -Sikh riot victims defaced the signboard of Rajiv Chowk on Dec 20, and a few days ago they behaved ineptly with his statue in Ludhiana. They demand that the ‘Bharat Ratna’ conferred to the former PM Rajiv Gandhi should be withdrawn. It is not fair that a person who has departed should be insulted or defaced. It’s sorrowful that the government is being deaf and blind. I hope the Central government takes severe steps against them and punish them strictly.

Najmul Huda


Discriminatory Judgement

The order by the Noida Police barring Muslims from performing Namaz at public places is discriminatory and irresponsible. It is a condemnable and partial judgement. BJP is only creating disputes between Hindus and Muslims by these statements. In fact, the BJP gives such statements to hide its failures and divert people’s attention. If the government has any policy that prohibits religious gathering at public places it should be implemented on followers of every religion.

Waseem Akram Qasmi


Drugs being openly sold in Mumbai is a big concern!

Mumbai is heading the Punjab way as Nigerians have made the city the drug hub with cocaine, brown sugar and other forms of additive drugs openly being made available in the markets. The cops too have knowledge about the illegal trade but keeping mouth shut as they are bribed to look the other way round to facilitate the sale of these banned items. Drugs have not only ruined many youngster’s life in the city but the crime rate too has shot up as people in need of money to satisfy their addiction rob, steal and commit all sorts of crimes.

Government should not be a silent spectator and a special task force should be formed to end this drug menace. Nigerians and other foreigners staying illegally in the country should be deported to their countries immediately. Education too is the need of the hour and citizens should be made aware about the ill-effects of drugs. Drugging is a heinous crime and the law should be strict while dealing with it!

SN Kabra


The gift of forgiveness

Christmas week is the special time of year we remember and celebrate the birth of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of love, the great love God demonstrated for humanity by sending His one and only begotten son Jesus Christ to the earth. It’s also an opportunity to give gifts to the people in our lives. But what can you give to people this Christmas that will be a step beyond the physical gifts we usually go for? Apart from tangible gifts, you can also give people the gift of forgiveness – whether they deserve it or not.

Jubel D’Cruz


Missing Nana Chudasama

Nana Chudasama – this name is well-known to Mumbaikars. Constantly in the limelight, he was the author of those catchy, popular and thought-stimulating banners which appear at Marine Drive which he had been writing for a record-breaking 30 years, a feat which deserves an entry in the Guinness Book of World Record. The banner, “Pen is mightier than sword…. Agitate, debate but don’t vandalise”— was a very simple yet very meaningful slap to those so-called self-declared custodians of Mumbai. Nana’s banners are not only thought-provoking but they force you to think and reason. Marine Drive banners embedded in satire, puns and humour and the voice of the common man. The banner speaks about the dreams and anguish of the common man; the words reveal feelings of most of the common people of this metropolis.

Rajalakshmi Suresh


Tsunami affected Indonesia needs help

A volcano triggered Tsunami left at least 400 people dead and more than a thousand people have been wounded, hundreds of houses have been destroyed and more than a hundred people are missing. Several buildings have become a ruin of the debris, bodies have been scattered in the streets while victims are facing food shortages and drinking water.

The Indonesian government must take immediate action so that people can be able to rebuild their destroyed houses. We offer our sincere condolences to the Indonesian people who have been affected in such kinds of events.

Ateequr Rahman Alqasmi

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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