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Letters to the Editor: February 03, 2019

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Budget an election gimmick

The budget is just an election gimmick so that people may vote for the BJP in the coming 2019 elections. People should not get carried away. Modi had made a lot of promises during the last four and half years of his tenure but did not fulfill any of them; not even the Rs 15 lakh which he promised to give every citizen of India. Who knows what will be in store for us next year in 2020 when the budget will be announced? It will be another hard five years for us if the BJP comes again to power.

Jubel D’Cruz

 Unpardonable and condemnable garrulity!

Recently in a program held at the premises of Mumbai’s famous JJ Hospital, music of film ‘Gully Boy’ was released. Actor Ranveer Singh advised the organizers to make such loud noise that even dead bodies should get up from morgue of JJ Hospital. He also said not to worry about it since he had good contacts with police because he was Simbaa. Exhibiting such garrulity, in fact, proves the need for such people to learn good manners as a human being. Such garrulity shows the name and fame going to their head. Such people should be timely shown that their garrulous statements and irresponsible behaviour has no place here. You are in this field of art because of people. How can you dare to say anything to them? It is firstly wrong to organise such noisy programs in hospital area. Had Ranveer Singh even little empathy towards distressed patients treated at hospital, he would not have agreed to attend such program. It shows that what we see with eyes is not always true. We need to know true nature of these people. He held program in hospital area. He never thought of paying good will visit to patients admitted in hospital which was so close. How will he think of such things? The irresponsible comments he made about dead bodies, exhibit his lack of sense in understanding value of human life and the souls going through so much distress in hospital.

Jayesh Rane

 How did Pakistani goods reach here?

Indian Republic completed 71 years but the country has not yet become totally free from bondage. There have been numerous known and unknown revolutionaries, right from Babu Genu who was an ordinary mill worker, who sacrificed their life for freedom of this country. Only then, we saw dawn of freedom and people felt that it would bring righteous governance; but they were disappointed. Rulers, so also citizens are responsible for the same. On January 26, it was found that goods such as spices and eatables prepared by Pakistani companies were sold at a mall in Vasai (Dist. Palghar, Maharashtra). It was learnt that Shiv Sena members stopped this sale. Isn’t using goods made by an enemy country, like sedition? They will certainly have to leave if they don’t get buyers here. Shopkeepers, wholesalers should not bring goods made in enemy country for sale in our markets. We need to make firm resolve of not getting things made by enemy country in own country and even in own house by taking necessary action. Especially, in case of enemy like Pakistan, which is killing our soldiers on borders, we need to know that by buying those goods, we are in a way helping their economy. Traders should keep away their greed and see to it that consumers buy maximum indigenous products. Celebrating August 15 and January 26 as just a formality is of no use but every action should show Indian citizens’ patriotism. If we develop the quality of sacrificing own selfish interests, only then there will be true righteous governance in this country!

Manisha Chandarana

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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