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Letters to the Editor: February 05, 2019

A matter of great concern

It is the matter of great concern that the autonomy of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) seems to be under the threat. For a couple of months, the CBI’s matter is not coming at a conclusion as every alternative day rises with a new case that shakes the nation from within. In earlier, CBI was a hot topic to be discussed for its former director Alok Kumar Verma and deputy director Rakesh Asthana’s dispute and now once again it is in the headlines because of the Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. These cases are threatening our democratic face. I request the Apex Court to handle the matter and direct to repay the premier agency of the country its credibility and autonomy. I also request the SC to put some stick measures in place for the government so that it could not interfere in independent agencies of the country.

Mohd Faheem


Didi is doing a selfless task

Nowadays, encircled in the news clip is, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who escalated her street fight against the Centre and the CBI by vowing to continue her “Satyagraha” to save the country and its Constitution till February 8. It is a reality that Mamata Banerjee’s anti-Centre protest evoked a tsunami all over the country and she gained the support from almost 22 Opposition parties. It will be not wrong to say that Banerjee is fuelling her prime ministerial ambition as she tactically pitched herself to the forefront of a united Opposition whose leaders tore into the Central government on the floor of Parliament and outside. I hope for the best that her protest will make the country free from all anti-democratic elements.

FR Murad


Time in India should be shifted to GMT+6 Hours Time-Zone

India should also advance its time-zone by half an hour to make it GMT+6 hours rather than present haphazard GMT+5.30 hours as also recommended by National Institute of Advanced Studies. Since presently just eight countries in the world deviate from separating their time-zones by a fraction of an hour, the Indian government should approach international authorities so that time-zone for a country may compulsorily be deviated by full one hour from GMT. Making Indian Time at GMT+6 hours will fulfill long-pending and genuine demand of people from north-east India without going for dual and impractical time-zone for the country. Suggested change will reduce big time-difference of 127 minutes between extreme east and west zones of the country. The demand of north-eastern states is highly justified for better utilisation of day-time energy when sun-rise and sun-set are comparatively much earlier there than rest of the country.

India should also take lead in taking up the matter of metric-measure of time with concerned international authorities. When all other measures are converted in metric-system from earlier haphazard systems, metric-measure of time has not yet been introduced. A metric unit of time should be introduced with a complete day divided into 10 metric hours instead of present 24 hours. Each metric hour may have 100 metric minutes with a metric minute having 100 metric seconds thereby making a complete day of 100000 metric seconds instead of present 86400 seconds.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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