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Letters to the Editor: February 1, 2019

What are the achievements of NDA government?

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, highlighting various achievements of the NDA Government, while addressing at a joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament, hailed the efforts to build a “New India” and touched upon issues like surgical strikes, Rafale deal, Swachh Bharat, Triple Talaq Bill, Citizenship Amendment Bill. Though these all may be the great achievement for NDA government, I want to ask the government what it has achieved in regard of core issues such as unemployment, poverty, rape, mob-violence, and a rapidly declining economy. These are the core issues which are crying for the close attention of the government so far.

Mohd Faheem


Be careful this winter

Nowadays, the cold is very extremely on the hills. There is a great kind of snow on the mountains and winter is getting cold in the areas of which the normal life has become disturbed. Because of snowfall, lives in Uttarakhand and Himachal are affected. The cold winter has broken the record of the past eight years in Delhi. Although there is no room to say that it has also stopped the speed of trains because it has been a good thing in terms of weather for a long period of time. We do not realise that climate change in India has been the highest in the last two decades. We should care about winter and always should wear warm clothes.

Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas


Financial Capital of India is insecure!   

Delhi is the Capital governing this country and Mumbai is known to be Financial Capital of India. Mumbai is the Centre of several financial transactions. Mumbai has the biggest international airport; therefore, it can be said that ‘Mumbai city is the Gateway of India’. Mumbai is thickly populated. If a situation like 26/11 is created, it has been realised that the usual security system does not work effectively at such times. It has also been realized that helicopter based on Heli-Teli technique needs to be maintained at Mumbai from the point of security of this country. Even then, there has been no improvement in conditions. In case of a serious, dangerous and explosive situation like 26/11, National Security Guard (NSG) commandos are capable of handling such situation and they are trained for the same. It is most essential to have such regiment deployed in Mumbai but that has not been done so far. When will the Rulers, who are indifferent towards the security of the country and consequently of people, realise their basic duty? Security of people seems to be left to God.

Kishor Auti


What on earth is happening? 

Supreme court Justice Nariman is opining on the Sanskrit Prayer in the morning in Kendriya Vidyalaya and the shloka recited in the end as religious instructions. What on earth is happening? A prayer or a shloka? To be more correct, ‘Om Saha Na Bhavatu Sah No Bhunaktu Sah Viryam Karvavhe’, how this prayer is a violation of the Constitution? While saying ‘our Father who art in Heaven, Halloed be thy name.’

For the last 70 odd years of the implementation of our Constitution, frankly, I feel like saying ‘Hail Mary Full of Grace’ as a novina and ask her to interseed on our behalf and make these Judges see light. What are you doing to this Indian Great Culture of ours? Maybe like Christ we might have to pray. ‘Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do!’

Manasi Joshi

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