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Letters to the Editor: February 11, 2019

Betting racket prevails

Controversies concerning cricket betting are haunting Indian Cricket for over 50 years. Even though the Board is washing, its hand saying that no one is involved and then keeping the names of superstar cricketers in a closed cover, the bookies larger syndicate is still working wonders. With IPL season coming up cops identify 29 bookies in cricket betting racket. People involved in betting racket escape because of the huge money they possess earned through the betting circle. The team of fixers are involved in more league and tournaments across the world and earning easy money sitting with lap tops and mobiles in dugout meant for illegal fixing and transferring money to various agencies before being detected by police or CBI. It is an open secret.

Karumari Krishnan 


Congratulations to Bharat Ratna winners                         

Conferring Bharat Ratna on Pranab Da is the best thing to happen in recent times. The award went to the deserving person. Though he missed the Prime Minister’s post many times, his tireless focus to the welfare of the country commendable. Thanks to the NDA for honoured him at the right time as a living legend. Pranab Mukherjee, one of the elders of our time deserves such honour and award Nanaji Deshmukh and Bhupen Hazarika have had their contribution in their respective field and their recognition is greatly appreciated. We must all raise to congratulate the recipients and government. It is a pity that Congress chose to compare Pranab Da with Lal Krishna Advani. The latter is great in his own way but not like Pranab Da who has been in government serving nation for seven decades a teacher has risen to this level. All three are distinguished persons in their chosen field. Long live the Republic of India.

Gundu K Maniam


 Refreshing move by Prasad

The recent interview of BCCI’s Chairman of Selection Committee MSK Prasad, regarding World Cup cricket selection process, appears to be a refreshing move put up with a clear and concise intent. The selector’s role to pick the squad for the upcoming World Cup cricket tourney will be playing a critical role. As there is no much time left for the World Cup and preparations are yet to begin, the Chairman has struck the right chord by letting the world know that the selection process is almost complete. The decision so made perhaps is an outcome of the recent performance of the young blood during the Australia-New Zealand series, the recently concluded Ranji tournament and the pool of players available from a wide spectrum of talent in domestic cricket.

Hopes of many talented domestic cricket players too shouldn’t be undermined and the selectors should also make the best decision to pick them up for World Cup squad thus helping them to get a chance in the team. It is also welcome to note that as recommended by Lodha Committee, for the matters related to picking up Number 4 batsman and other opportunities that may arise to the World Cup team; the decision rests completely with the Team Management while ensuring zero interference from the Selection Committee. Such a clear stand by BCCI will help the Indian cricket team to focus well on SWOT analysis during the tourney.

Though the decision to trim the BCCI Selection Committee from five members to three members is in place, the implementation of Lodha Committee reforms now has a positive impact for both BCCI administrators and cricket players. It now needs to be seen as to how soon the World Cup squad will be announced by the BCCI Selection Committee and finally pick the best players to the team for the cricket tournament.

Varun S D


Solution to Swine flu

It is a very sorrowful matter that the number of Swine flu affected people is keep on increasing day by day in India, particularly in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, and various other states. Children are compelled to use masks in classroom during the study as they have become afraid of such killer diseases. However, unfortunately, the recent government became like a statue, it doesn’t take any corrective step to eradicate this disease and provide the facilities affected children. Everybody is feeling unsafe on the surface of India. I request the government to search for any solution to remove it completely from the country.

Najmul Huda


 MLA’s murder is condemnable

It was disheartening to learn about the brutal killing of Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA Satyajit Biswas which has really added the fuel to the raging fire over political violence in West Bengal ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. He was mercilessly shot dead by gang miscreants at a Saraswati Puja event. Now, the incident prompted the ruling TMC party to point an accusing finger toward the BJP which has firmly denied the allegations. However, the incident is totally condemnable and the government must carry out a probe to reach the real factors of murder so that other political leaders of the country should be protected from such bad elements.

Mohd Faheem

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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